trial and error with compost

trial and error with compost

In a previous gardening article ( i mentioned i am NOT in charge of watering ). Here is one area i am in charge of "compost". The solution that works best for the garden is coffee grounds and egg shells ( still need to find expired egg shells to add to the mixture). Every few weeks or so we spread compost mixture among the garden to help with the plant growth. We have thought about trying other compost methods however we decided to just stick with the (*KISS method).


Picture of the saved compost


And there you have it another simple article about my experience with gardening. Stay tuned for another article. where i showcase some of the items from the garden as the fam makes some homemade salsa.


* The KISS method is a engingering term that can expand to other fields (Keep IT Simple Stupid).

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my journey in gardening
my journey in gardening

This is a journey into the hobby of gardening. A newcomers guide to the hobby (due to recent events of the *corona virus). Come Join me while we embark on this adventure together.

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