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banana stem

How do we eat banana stem as curry?

By Cryptohem | My Food recept | 10 May 2020

People all over the world eat banana as part of their fruit product.but have you ever wonder that banana stem can also be eaten as curry for our dinner or i am going to share you how people eat banana stem as a curry.there are lots of benefit we could get from banana. Above all it is rich in vitamin c and is also a source of fiber.

According to my study banana stem curry is eaten mostly in northeastern india and southern part of  india as part of their daily essential food i am going to demostrate how banana stem  is cooked as curry mainly in northeast state of india called Manipur.where they call banana as LAFU

Different place have different way of cooking . So in northeast india banana stem is cook mainly as paste or chutney where they call it LAFU EROMBA at their local language.

Ingredients required:

  • 2-3 banana stem
  • 2 cup of soaked pea
  • 3-4 piece of dry fermented fish where they called it ngari
  • 3-4 potato
  • 4-5 chilli
  • Salt
  • Coriander 
  • Chopped onion

Steps of cooking:

  • First cut the banana stem into round pieces. About 1 cm thick each. Thicker the cut stems longer time it takes to cook
  • Put the cut stems, soaked peas,baby potatoes, chilli, dry fish all together inside a pressure cooker But you have to put dry fish at a seperate cup or vessel so that it will not get dissolve with the water.
  • Put some water inside the pressure cooker according to requirement.close the lid of the pressure cooker.
  • Boiled it for about 5-8 minutes.
  • Then take out the boiled ingredients  in a  container and cool it down.
  • Seperate the chilli and dry fish and make a paste by adding some salt on it.
  • Then mashed the boiled banana stem, potato and peas either with hand or utensil. And also add the paste of cilli and dry fish
  • Put some water to make the brot of the curry.
  • Garnished the mashed curry with chopped onion and corainder leaves or other aromatic garnishing leaves in order get the lovely aroma of banana curry.
  • The leaves used for garnishing at the picture is called tuningkhok (tu-ning-khok) at local language. this leave is the most matching garnishing ingredient for banana stem curry. Which give a different unique smell and flavour to the curry.
  • Finally the banana stem curry or lafu eromba is ready to served with rice.

Thank you for reading.

Banana stem curry






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