My first Publisher0x post a little story about my crypto journey

By Killawaspattack | My first blog | 15 Apr 2021

Hello All

So let me introduce myself, My name is John and I'm very new to the bogging world. I first heard about crypto back in like 2013 and was sure it was a scam of some sort, 2017 hit and bitcoin was on the news everywhere. I worked out if I had put in a few hundred back when I first found out about bitcoin I could retire now.  So I watched crypto go up like crazy and then into its bear season. I waited for as long as I thought it would go down, once it had dropped over 50% I thought no way any more and brought in (only the odd £20-50 here and there). So I'm adding the odd 50 quid here and their managed to accumulate 2 whole ETH at an average cost of roughly £140 - £150 each. The price now was at the lowest for a long time ETH was under £100 and BTC was skirting around 3K I was tense daily. All in all at this point the total funds added were close to £500 with 2ETH and some BTC and stellar. Now I was still learning and even though I read a huge amount about BTC and knew a lot more than people who didn't do crypto I still had a lot to learn. This year comes and instead of doing just a little research to see why the prices were going up I got fired up and watched the coins go over the last ATH, I was like this is it I'm going to sell high and wait till it dips again to buy in again was only just over a year it was so cheap imagine how much I can buy. So ETH surpassed its 600 high and was on route up still everyday I was watching it and it was still going up. again no DYOR at all i just saw it going near 900 and thought right don't be greedy its gotta be a sell now. I set up a sale on the app to go at a certain price a good 50 quid better then current price and go to bed. Next morning I awake to see 3 notifications on my phone first was a 5% increase, second was my sell order had been filled oh yea I sold it ALL!!! and the 3rd notification 15% increase wait what log into see if I had over shot a little, oh shit it was like 300 pound more than my sell price shit I then watched ETH go up and up and up would have got myself about 3.5K in profit if I had just held but this time I did it better and got on reddit and here and just started reading up what was going on I got back in asap as saw all about what was going on atm now I did take out about 200 and I invested the rest back into ethereum now instead of 2 I hold 0.2. so now I hold everything and probably will not try to trade again lesson learnt and now I'm happy as I'm still up over 75% all in all thanks to the last 2 months of green so that's great. hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my story. I will be looking into a bit of a theme for my future stories and blog posts so please if you have anything you would like to read or just want me to try for a laugh let me know in the comments. 



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Crypto enthusiast been dabbling since 2017 and now getting serious lol

My first blog
My first blog

Just a little introduction to me, myself and I

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