Here is a graph of the cryptocurrencies on day six.

Day 6! 2 Dollars

By NerdyRanger | My CryptoJourney | 21 Jul 2020

Ok, today is day 6, it is a big day we will be withdrawing money from publish0x and CoinPot. I was actually scared this morning that I might not get my publish0x coins because, when my withdrawal request was accepted it was 3:03 on Monday in where ever publish0x is based even though it 11 on Sunday where I am, But luckily they did give me my 0.522 DAI. On CoinPot I will be converting my CoinPot Tokens to Bitcoin to give us 0.0001 BTC. 


Today I also stopped using FaucetCrypto and started using Captain BitcoinCoin FarmFreebitcoinTheCryptoFaucetBlade, and Trust Dice. Also to add to CoinPot I found two more faucets which are Bonus Bitcoin and BitFun


I withdrew my DAI to Metamask wallet and my BTC to my Atomic Wallet the plan is to save up DAI so I Stake it.

From The Coin app, I did not earn anything because I stayed home all day, and on the Pi Network I added someone to my security circle, and now make 7 pi a day.


Now for CoinPot, I have:

  • Coinpot tokens - 855
  • BitCoin - 0.0001003
  • Bitcoin Cash - 0.00007421
  • DogeCoin - 17.16735404
  • Litecoin - 0.00203668
  • Dash -0.00019592





Which means if you add everything together I now a total of $2.0769336781, which Nearly Double from Friday!


Last I would like to say that soon I will be releasing a series of post on how to earn cryptocurrencies of the websites that I have been using.


Here is a graph of the cryptocurrencies on day six.


Here is a graph showing the amount of money I own in cryptocurrencies and the percentage at which it changes from the day before.


The Websites/Apps that I have used in this blog are. 

• course!)

•                       •

• Coin *                                                           •Bonus Bitcoin

• Pi Network *                                                 •BitFun

• Atomic Wallet                                               •MoonBitcoin

• Brave v                                                          •MoonDash

• faucet crypto                                                •MoonDoge

• Captain Bitcoin                                             •Mooncash

• Coin Farm                                                      •MoonLitecoin

• Freebitcoin

• TheCryptoFaucet

• Blade

• Trust Dice.

(Some Of these are Affiliate Links, to help support me, please use them to make your account, You can use code NerdyRanger on ones with an *.) 

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I am a school student who loves technology and is very knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.

My CryptoJourney
My CryptoJourney

In this blog series I will be keeping track of my cryptocurrency earnings as I start with zero coins to my name and use free programs to make as much as I can!

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