A graph of the cryptocurrencies on day Two.

Day 2! Almost Double!

By NerdyRanger | My CryptoJourney | 18 Jul 2020

So today I woke up early, I wanted to claim what I had made from the night before. I first went to CoinPot because I need to claim my faucets since they have slowed to pretty much "Nothing." But by the end of the day I was able to earn:

Coinpot tokens - 3339

BitCoin - 0.00000228

Bitcoin Cash - 0.00001105

DogeCoin - 3.63032763

Litecoin - 0.00140414

Dash - 0.00005314


I then went to BlockChain Cuties and sent my cutie on another adventure, Because of yesterday I earned 2 adventure potions and 1 grand adventure potion, I decided to use all these and it lowered the time at which it takes cuties to cool down so I can do another adventure.


Here is the time chart for cuties, each time I send my cutie on an adventure it raises a notch and takes double the time to return.

At the moment I have not earned anything from Blockchain cuties, I am waiting to receive items that I can sell in the market.

Next is Faucet crypto, Coin App, and Pi Network I. earned 311.42 coins adding up to 357.93, Coin app gave me 32.07 coins today, and the Pi Network gave me 6 Pi.

In total, I now own 0.8283 cents in cryptocurrencies, Which is a gain of 0.3886096 cents and an 88.3825528144349% increase.

Here is a graph of the cryptocurrencies on day two. (CoinPot Tokens have a decimal in front to make the graph smaller)


Here is a graph showing the amount of money I own in cryptocurrencies and the percentage at which it changes from the day before.43e3593810ae5fc933ec8474e00c07e9c93b4b0d5cd5449f1362a34969c6972f.png


(Notice I released a day late Because my wifi shut down last night, Meaning that you will get two blogs hopefully today.

The Websites/Apps that I have used in this blog are. 

• Publish0x.com(Of course!)

• CoinPot.co

• BlockChainCuties.com

• Coin *

• Pi Network *

• Atomic Wallet

• Brave

• faucet crypto

(Some Of these are Affiliate Links, to help support me, please use them when you make an account, You can use code NerdyRanger on ones with an *.) 

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I am a school student who loves technology and is very knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.

My CryptoJourney
My CryptoJourney

In this blog series I will be keeping track of my cryptocurrency earnings as I start with zero coins to my name and use free programs to make as much as I can!

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