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Day 1! What A start!

By NerdyRanger | My CryptoJourney | 17 Jul 2020

Today is the start to my first blog, in this blog I will be going from having zero CryptoCurrencies to my name to having a bitcoin, I will be doing this by using online websites and apps to earn free CryptoCurrencies. My goal is to spend 30-60 minutes a day.


I start today by creating a wallet with Atomic Wallet this will be my main wallet. I now make accounts on BlockChainCuties, CoinPot, and Pi Network, and Brave. When You set up these accounts make sure to not use the same password as you have used previously on any other programs. 


I want to start with BlockChainCuties because I know it can become a waiting game. When I get on I am greeted to a menu that allows me to buy Ethereum so that I can buy "cuties", if I skip this and scroll to the bottom it gives me the option to claim a free Tutorial "cutie". I proceed to send this cutie on adventures for about 15 minutes.


Afterwards, I open Faucet Crypto and complete a few tasks for roughly 10 minutes, Because I was having many problems with redirects I was only able to earn 46 coins. 


Next is CoinPot when I start this I had thought the only way to earn was to mine and because I'm on my phone it does not do too well, so with a bit of research I find faucets which will generate cryptocurrencies for you while watching ads. After about 15 minutes I managed to generate:

Coinpot tokens - 2415

BitCoin - 0.00000025

Bitcoin Cash - 0

DogeCoin - 1.08413910

Litecoin - 0.00004893

Dash - 0.00001293


Last I use are coin and Pi Network, for the coin app, I just leave the app open in the background on my phone so when I go on bike rides I can earn xyo. On Pi Network all I have to do is open the app once a day to start my node, At the moment I earn 0.25 pi per hour.


On Publish0x I will not explain how I earn from here because obviously, you are using Publish0x right now. I would like to state at that I will not be adding my brave rewards because at the moment brave will not allow us to sync my phone to the browser so I am not able to withdraw my bat. 

So at the end I have a total of $0.4396904 CryptoCurrencies in USD


Here is a graph of the cryptocurrencies on day one. (CoinPot Tokens have a decimal in front to make the graph smaller)

Here is a graph of the cryptocurrencies on day one. (CoinPot Tokens have a decimal in front to make the graph  smaller)



The Websites/Apps that I have used in this blog are. 

• Publish0x.com(Of course!)

• CoinPot.co

• BlockChainCuties.com

• Coin *

• Pi Network *

• Atomic Wallet

• Brave

• faucet crypto

(Some Of these are Affiliate Links, to help support me, please use them when you make an account, You can use code NerdyRanger on ones with an *.) 




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I am a school student who loves technology and is very knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.

My CryptoJourney
My CryptoJourney

In this blog series I will be keeping track of my cryptocurrency earnings as I start with zero coins to my name and use free programs to make as much as I can!

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