Who is the new satoshi Nakamoto suspect?

Who is the new satoshi Nakamoto suspect?

Who is the real satoshi Nakamoto? Until unless this psedonym came out to be real person name the mystery will be keep lingering around the crypto environment. So this makes me ask myself who will be the next person to came up as the satoshi nakamoto. When ever i heard of person related to bitcoin it rings my bell.And i got the same answer as before with another person claiming to be the inventer of bitcoin.

Today as i wake up i got a news from new.bitcoin.com reporting of another person with the name Yasutaka Nakamoto who is said to be the brother of a calafornia satoshi suspect Dorian Nakamoto as the another possible suspect of satoshi.Oh Man! Now even the family got into the suspect list.

But what is more interesting is that, this time it was claimed by the descendence of famous drug lord pablo Escobar .

Who is the new satoshi candidate

Yasutaka Nakamoto is the new suspect of Satishi Nakamoto. As per the report from Olof k Gustaffson a family friend of Escobar's.Satoshi was once know as Yasutaka Nakamoto. Yasutaka was a great cocain smuggler who work for pablo escobar and also an engineer in pacific west Airline. Gustaffson said that yasutaka is also the brother of Dorian Nakamoto who is another suspect of satoshi.Yasutaka is also expert in computers and semiconductors and was smart enough to build Bitcoin. Yasutaka was disappered in 2010 leaving the word bitcoin before he vanished.

There is no other information about Yasukata except a report from los Angeles time editorial that discusse about a Hughes Aircraft Co. worker named Yasutaka A Nakamoto who escaped from a car bomb. 

Who is Olof K Gustaffson


Gustaffson is a year-old Swedish entreprenure, who currently is a CEO of the multinational conglomerate escobar's inc escobar's inc  that manages the Escobar family empire.

Escobar's inc and bitcoin

Pablo escobar was a drug lord cartel in the early eighties, who was  in charge of at least 80% of the world’s cocaine sales. Who then set up his group Escobar' inc .Diet bitcoin was a crypto project behind his group. It was a bitcoin fork who is now an ETH chain. Roberto escobar  a descendent of pablo escobar is behind the  Diet bitcoin project. And he is claimed to had meet satoshi by person.


Yasukata Nakamoto is another unknow satoshi .Until and unless the pseudonym came out to be the real person name the mystery of who satosi is will keep lingering around. With this new suspect there are a handsful of people who are claim to be as satoshi. Some of the highly suspect  that cam be named are  HalFinney, Adam black, Dorian Nakamoto, Nick Szabo etc






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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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