What is Bitcoinbileto ?
What is Bitcoinbileto ?

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 23 May 2020

Hi guys!! I am bring you a  very unique product of BITCOIN CASH . Where every Bitcoin cash lover will surely like it . And it is called BITCOINBILETO

This is the BitcoinBileto scratchcard

            Here is BitcoinBileto scratchcard


What is BitcoinBileto?

website here https://bitcoinbileto.com/

  • It is a printed scratchof card which can be loaded with BCH.
  • Designed for giving to the people in order to board them by loading BCH. Like in giving  BCH away to restaurant staff or Uber drivers
  • They can be loaded with as much or as little BCH as the purchaser chooses.
  • The amount loaded is just a few dollars, but a batch of bileto can be loaded  much higher amount.
  • This  makes the  recipient download a wallet and scan the QR code in case they wins big.
  • Prior to BitcoinBileto, the primary option was paper wallets.

How to use it?

  • Buyers will received a preprinted bileto when they buy from the website of BitcoinBileto.
  • USB and private key will also be included
  • They need to download Electron cash and install BicoinBileto plugin inorder to fund the card( This is becuse they are selling empty private keys.)

What are its advantage?

  • BitcoinBileto enables bitcoin cash lovers to cheaply and easily onboard people they meet in everyday life
  • Whether  giving one Bileto to a new friend or sharing thousands in unstable regions, this format is by far the most convenient.
  •  It is the easies way to share BCH all over the world
  • Using Bileto you don't need to wait for people to download a wallet inorder to send them some Bitcoin Cash.They can scan it at their own place
  • It was designed to solve the problem faced by many bitcoin miners .Mostly from the problem they face when thry try to mine  and when try to exchange it via fiat
  • It also enables to quickly onboard a significant number of users on local area.

According to the goverment regulation in various ares .Users can even sell or run a local bitcoin lottery ticket using BitcoinBileto. Using the plugin to create own bileto and have a printer by the your side.

Capacity to sweep

Another facility offer by BitcoinBileto  is the capacity to 'sweep.'

How it works?

  • First The private keys is deleted after the BitcoinBileto is produced and then load the USB drive.
  • The purchaser uses the USB drive to load the cards.
  •  Then  the private keys is deleted allowing the bitcoin to be accessible by scratching off the  QR card

What is the advantage

  • By sweeping, BitcoinBileto have an expiry date after which the unclaimed value on them can be recouped or reimbursed.

what is the disadvantage

  • When the recipients of BitcoinBileto throw the card out  the value on it is lost forever.


It is recommend not to use  bileto as any kind of long term storage device for bitcoin. Since its  purpose  is only to make crypto lovers download a wallet and  make them discover that bitcoin is easy to use.



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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

I am new in crypto world .but i am sharing whatever i knew about the latest crypto information.

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