Two major Cardano anouncement Everyone shoud know!!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 29 May 2020

With the coming of blockchain 3.0  the cardano has become one of the valuable crypto. Cardano shelley mainnet project is considered to be the most focus project in cardano community recently.One  important question in the mind of cardano community is when will the cardanao shelley mainet be launched. So today cardano has made two important anouncement in connection to the launching of Shelley mainnet.

Today IOHK CEO charles Hoskinson announced the date of launching of cardano latest update version Shelley. Earlier he provises 11 diferent dates for the release of Shelley . Today he mention 5 important dates regarding the launching of shelley between the month if june and july. He said that the shelley project will roll out between june 30 to july 7 


  • June 9 will be the date of its opening to everyone .
  • June 16 will be the date when they start putting thing together  end- end


  • June 30 will be the shipping date for Shelley.
  • July 7 will be late date for shipping Shelley if anything goes wrong
  • July 20 date on which users should update 


Shelley incentivized testnet was launched earlier in 2019 and with that every ADA holder are able to earn real ADA reward by either delegating their  stake or by running a stake pool. The first shelley block was produced in 27 april

Another big announcement is regarding  saling of cardano by offering upto 50% off by an exchange platform This announcement was made by cryptocurrency payment playfrom a mark of celebration for listing Cardano at platform the company will be offering a flat 50% discount of ADA worth 500,000$. The listing was said to be comenced from june 9 with the following pairs listed—ADA /BTC, ADA /USDT, and ADA /CRO. The sale will be lasted for 24 hours.

The listing was announced with the shelley project rolling out next month which enable staking and allowed everyone to participate on it.

Participating link :




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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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