Top three trending crypto news 25- 26th May

Top three trending crypto news 25- 26th May

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 26 May 2020

The role of cryptocurrency has become more vulnerable as it wasnt expected. But still it goes up and down in thia current scenareo. With banning from using cryprocurrency to introducing own token and hosting conference  for cryptocurrency

 Here are the top three trending crypto related news every one should know

  • Russia banned use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency offenders to face 7 years jail

Well this is quite a dark side for all the cryptocurrency owner in russia mainlythe bitcoin owner as . It has become illegal to used bitcoin and other cryptos for payment and transaction to russian bank account. The law was proposed with the aim of stoping all digital assets from using as a means of transaction or payment by the russian citizen or any related coorporation.

According to the law every russian citizen are ban to used Bitcoin as their mode of money transaction. The more dark side of the new is the its not only Bitcoin that  are ban .But it includes all other types of cryptocurrency. This is surely going to be dark side for all the cryptocurrency owner in Russia.Another bill was also  proposed againt the illegal operation of cryptocurrency.any russian individual found to be using bitcoin for financial transaction will be charged with criminal offenders act and will face 7 years in jail incuding a fine of 7000$. So In order to protect the crypto asset all the crypto owner will be forced to register with the Russia’s tax agency and explain how they acquired them.

  • Mcafee announced its privacy coin ghost airdrop.

A renounced antivirus developer and programmer John Mcafee recently in his twitter account announced the public that his privacy coin so called ghost will be airdrop on march 25. In order to claim the airdrop each person should have an ERC20 compatable wallet and some ammount of Switch(ESH) token.Mcafee GHOST token is a decentralised cryprocurrency that run on proof of stake algorithem. Unlike other token Ghost is specialed on hidding or removing all the transaction record from the website making it privat . Hence the term GHOST was given.GHOST ERC20 token will be swapped for GHOST main net coins on June 22nd at a 1:1 ratio.

  • Goldman Sach hosting conference call on Bitcoin

As the interest in cryptocurrency grows among institutional investors, global investment banks and other institutional bodys it has started to grasp more attention on expressing theire view on bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.  Goldman Sachs a New York based  investment bank hosting a call for clients on May 27 entitled “US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin."Sachs is hosting this conference  to make their client learn about the implications of current policies for bitcoin, gold, and inflation. The conference call is open to everybody for a listen. Anyone can join the conference call , on May 27 at 10:30 AM EDT.

The link to join its conference is provided bellow






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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

I am new in crypto world .but i am sharing whatever i knew about the latest crypto information.

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