Top 5 best crypto wallet in 2020

Top 5 best crypto wallet in 2020

Choosing the best and safest wallet is the first line of defence in this decentralised  ecosystem. And a much necessary step to be done before holding any crypto. Storing crypto in an exchange is not a good idea as its like giving up the ownership and control of your crypto. If the exchange got hacked it could lead to lost of all our hard earn assets.

A well example fact is of Mtgox where over 800 thousand of BTC were stolen. There are also some fraud exchange like Quadrigacx. Where people complain about having hard time in withdrawal. So if you don't have your key you don't own your crypto.

But by keeping crypto in exchange all we have is a promise from an exchange that we own a certain amount of coin and nothing else. So in order to take back our hard earn crypto and own it we need a safest wallet.

Here is my list of most safest wallet in 2020 both hardware, desktop and web wallet.

  • Ledger Nano(x and s)

When it comes to security there is no match with the hardware wallet. And ledger nano is one of them. It is of two type ledger nano x and ledger nano s. This wallet is like a regular pendrive that enable us to store crypto on a physical device. Ledger store private key and doesn't expose to the outside world. Providing defence agaist the hackers from phishing.

Private key on ledger is so secure that even the users don't know about it. As the private key is store in device itself and secure with pin number. In order to hack ledger hackers have to put ledger in its position have to know or guess the pin which is impossible.

With ledger wallet users can also access to ledger live, an app used to manage the different crypto in the account by sending and receiving crypto. 


Ledger x is more advance and higher in price than ledger s. Ledger X has bigger screen than ledger S since it has the ability to use bluetooth that can connect with a mobile device. It can also store 100 application where ledger s allows only 4-5 app. Another interesting thing about ledger x each seperate blockchain have different application. So users can used ledger ethereum app to store  ETH and ERC20 token and woun't need a seperate app.

Ledger support up to 1000 crypto, which is the highest for any wallet. One more advantge is its staking ability. It supprt staking of coins like tezos, EOS, Tron, waves etc.

Visit website here


  • Exodus wallet


Exodust wallet is a highly recomended wallet mainly for is a free multicurrency wallet available both on android and pc. One of the best benefit of exodust is its easy to use and also have 24/7 live chat built in the wallet exchange. It support over 100 different cryptocurrency. One outstanding feature is its nice layout an it  beautiful content of the entire profolio. If uses want all in one simple solution exodus is the one. It support 112 crypto. It provides two type of backup capability

  • Using 12 word seed phase
  • Email restoration feature

Even though it s convinent exodust doest provide same securitu level as in ledger nano. Since the private key is store in user device so it could be susseptible to maleware. But exodust is way more secure then other web wallet. The securitu is exodust is upgradable using trezor. This means users can enjoy exodut with security from a hardware wallet. This partnership makes exodus one of the moat safest multicoin wallet

So if users are looking for a safest  free multicoin wallet exodus is definitely the one to try.

Download wallet here


  • Trust wallet


Trust wallet is the best wallet for everyone who want to carry their crypto freely on theire mobile app. Its app can be downloaded from both  android and IOS. It is also a multicoin wallet which can interact with DAPPs directly through the app. So if users have the option to use DAPPs trust wallet is the one to try.

It is also a fully open source wallet whivh means the underlying software code is open to all the users. Such open source software is the most favourite in crypro environment as it mean the community is independent , verified and secure.

Trust wallet also work with binance DEX and kyber network protocol. Which means uses can make decentralised exchange and trade on this platform. Another interesting feature is its ability to stake. Passive income  lovers can used this wallet to stake coin like cosmos(ATOM), Tron, Tezos(XTZ). Trust wallet support all ERC20 token and other assets like BTC, LTC etc. Above all trust wallet is the first wallet to be bought by binance. Hence if users want to store a well known crypto trust wallet is the one to try.

Download wallet here


  • Metamask


Metamask can be used as a browser extention of crome, brave aswell as firefox. It acts like a bridge between standard browser and ETH blockchain.unlike other wallet metamask is a selective wallet. It is not mean for those who want to store different coin. But is mean for only ETH and ERC20 token. But it is pretty easy to use. Metamask used HD backup setting and has a strong community.

When it comes to integration metamask is the most secure and trusted wallet. If users is looking to use DeFi ecosystem by earning interest on DeFi loan, crypto loan or trading on a decentralised platform they can do it in metamask wallet. So if users want to explore the DAAPs in ETH blockchain then metamask is the wallet to be choosed. It is a user free friendly wallet .

Vist website here 


  • Atomic wallet


Atomic wallet is my most recomended and personal wallet till now. It is also one of the most secure and user friendly desktop is so a multicoin wallet  allowing  us to store about 200 top coin in the market . Currently its airdrop program is going on where. Users will receive 15 AWC coin by the time of registration as new users. It is easy to use and provide a seperate private key for each assets. Its AWC coin is also listed in a popular exchange site like binance. 

Another unique feature of this wallet is its ability to stake and exchange inside the wallet itself. Till now they allow staking of 8 different coin like tezos, cosmos etc and many more staking coin to be added in future. Atomic wallet cannot provide the security level as in  hardware wallet atomic wallet  but it is one of the most secure desktop wallet according to my personal experience

Download atomic wallet here

Hence choosing the best wallet depend on the type of asset users want to store amd the level of security they require. But the best secure way of keeping crypto is through a hardware wallet like ledger nano.


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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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