Three most profitable mining coins in 2020 !!

Three most profitable mining coins in 2020 !!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 19 May 2020

Everyone know that Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and is profitable. But after it halving this  year its profit has been slightly reduced. But its not the only profitable coin that can be mined. Here don't be misguided with that every crypto coin you mine are no always profitable as it looks. Higher the coin price price is higher the profit also higher the expenses .A profitable coin shoud be

  •  Able to convert or withdraw to fiat. 
  • Coin need to support different  exchanges  methods
  • Coin shoud be legal to mine. 
  • Less/moderate power consumption
  • Less/moderate expenses
  • Daily profit

Here are top three coin in 2020 rather than bitcoin which covers all the points and has a higher profitable outcome .


  • Value $0.019
  • ranked #55 in the cryptocurrency market. 
  • very high liquidity. 
  • Easily exchangable
  • Block mining reward 5000RVN
  •  X16R hasting function
  • KawPoW algorithm
  • Profit per day $ 1.53



  • Value $ 6.69
  • Ranked #19 in crypto markt
  • network difficulty  lower than for Ethereum
  • Block mining reward is 3.2 ETC
  • Proof-of-work protocol
  • ETHASH hasting function
  • Profit per day $2.51-4.07$



  • Value $45.44
  • Ranked #7 in crypto market
  • Mining is less expensive and less volatile
  • Has low transaction fee 
  • High speed
  • Easily exchangable
  • Block mining reward is 12.5 LTC
  • Proof-of-work algorithm
  • SCRYPT hasting function
  • Profit per day $9.08

Happy mining!!

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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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