This is my daily breakdown of earning cryptocurrency

This is my daily breakdown of earning cryptocurrency

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 18 May 2020

Yesterday i had posted an article about my different ways of collecting cryptocurrency. Thank you to those readers who find it interested and comment on it. I had also published the same article on and in that feedback/comment i find a reader suggesting me to give a breakdown earning from the different method i am doing  to earn the cryptocurrency.

c0e8611c560621abb4d7c487947b554d81b89b4b3f8ff3c75aa60513ea7a7f5f.png So here is my daily breakdown earning from the methods i used before.

Recap of Methods i used 

  • Tv-two
  • Pi network
  • Brave browser
  • Publish0x

First let me tell you about my daily earning. Everyday i posted about only  2-3 useful and quality article. It's beter to publish only those article which will be useful and helpful to the reader not only to the writers.


Yesterday i wrote an article about how i earn BCH from and from that i earn  1$ tips from the readers. As you can see above in screenshot. Besides that i had also earn about 0.44$ just from giving useful and quality feedback and also from getting upvote from reader about my article.And another 0.53$ from today  So total i got 1$+0.44$+0.53=1.97$. Which i think i really deserved it  and worth my effort.


Next from TV-TWO i watch few videos and do some big task and surveys and  earn about 108019 point

8106cff2640d487b51579701ad26157eba0b28f04a27edad42b6798147466fb6.pngwhich is equal to 108.019 token. Now the price of TTV token is 0.00076$ so total i got 108.019×0.00076 =0.082$. This is not a lot  from this app but i still count on it. Because its just for watching video which we do it normaly everyday.

From pi network i earn about 8.2 pi yesterday because being a mew user  till now i have a few referal .so my mining rate is slow. Hoping to earn more in near future. I understand that pi value worth 0$ in market right now but i still count on it. Because one day it will be.

Regarding brave browser till yesterday i earn about 9.6 BAT which is worth about 2.1$. And only yesterday  i earn about 1.5 bat which is almost eaqual to 0.27$. Since i got less ads nearly about 20-24 ads yesterday and the number of ads varies for me everyday. Some day i earn more. Someday  very few only about 10 ads per day.

About publish0x i posted the same article as i had posted on because it my own content and i myself is the real owner of the article. So when i posted the article regarding my daily collection of crptocurrency only from that article i got more traffic about 270 views ad hence got about 0.35$. And from another two of my article i had published i got 0.12$ and 0.15$ and is still counting. So total i earn 0.35+0.12+0.15= 0.62$ which i think is not that much as compare to bit still means a lot to me.

So in total from all the methods i used i had earn about 1.97+0.082+0.27+0.62= 2.94$ worth of  diffferent cryptocurrency approximately. which is nealy 3$. Here i am excluding my pi earning because it dosn't have any market value till now.

This breakdown calculation is only for yesterday and still calculating. This will be change from time to i hope people will get a rough idea on how much they can earn from the method i am doing everyday.  And also i hope that people will  find it more encourage and get more determination to do the same as i did. And earn some cryptos every day. Looking forward to earn more. Will update  more about my earning after sometime .

Thank you for reading

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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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