This is how i am earning bitcoin cash (BCH) everyday!!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 17 May 2020

I choose blogging as my way of earning BCH every day. and here i am sharing  this inorder to make people know how i am earning BCH  and also to do the same.Blogging has been included and become my most favourite hobbie  during this lockdown period . I was not like this before.Thanks to this lockdown in other sense(just kidding) lol. It has added my new hobbie. And also thanks to cryptocurrency bitcoin cash for making me blogging  as my favourite hobby. There is a reason behind it.

I am financialy quite hurt this time due to lock down  so i thought of trying something which will help me get some income and  manage a little i thought about cryptocurrency first and start searching in google about its ways of earning. Then i find out this awesome site called

Here people are paid in a cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash (BCH ) from their distributed fund only  for writing quality article or blogs .So i thought of giving a try and earn some bitcoin cash BCH from it and also make people explore my talent and skill in writing. 

I am just a 6 days old in but i have earn roughly  about 3$ worth of bitcoin cash(BCH) .

86abc3ebee2388303dc33b9efc35edcf7a6dfaebafa7304abb0f51a6143e274f.pngIt's not a lot but it is a great achievement for me.This is such a wonderful site of earning free BCH exposing your talent in writing quality content. Where you can attract different peope who are interested in reading and at the same time this will increase your blogging knowledge and your writting its like killing two bird with a single make readers happy at the same time you get paid and increase your writing skill too.

I earn BCH every minutes when readers upvotes my article, giving a tips etc. In order to make your article or blog count  we need to use all your talent and skill to attract readers and feel like tiping and upvoting your content. In order to do that i did many research and investigation about the topic i want to write. The more traffic you engage the more BCH  you earn. Here its not like  you earn according to number of view but its according too how good your content is .people can tip you any amount they want according to your content. So your earning potential is limitless.

As my suggestion i recomend writing about thing which you are mainly interested in. Which you had experinced with. Not some hear say. Just your own reasearch and experience. Like your daily life style, your habbit or even about your knowledge you have learned so far. So i write content mainly of my experience and knowledge about cryptocurrency  and food receipe. Just as i did here in publish0x. Because this  happens to be one of my favourite topic and area of experience.

At average i earn about 0.30$-0.50$ everyday writing 1-2 content from this site. It not fixed some day i make about 1$ from single article only when reader realy like my need to make your reader feel pleased and happy  with your content.only then you can earn thing i mainly perform to earn BCH from this site is reading other people content  and giving only quality and useful coment which will be helpful for writer. At the same time i get paid in point which later is converted into BCH. This one of my interesting feature in this platfom.

So i hope this is an open door for those people who are eager to earn BCH just by writing anything that are of their interest. I highly recomend writers out here to join and start earning BCH from your skill and talent. Also this will be my daily cryptocurrency earning method in future also.

Thank you for reading.

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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

I am new in crypto world .but i am sharing whatever i knew about the latest crypto information.

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