This is how i am collecting cryptocurrency everyday !!

This is how i am collecting cryptocurrency everyday !!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 17 May 2020

Hey guys i was curious to hear people earning cryptocurrency everyday without much investment. So i took a deep step in finding out how people are earning cryptocurrency in various way. At first i thought my self "is it really posible to do so. Can cryptocurrency be earn daily doing nothing". I wan't sure about it. Thought i might end up  as victim of scamers and worth nothing at all.

But i found some area where i had started earning cryptocurrency just for free  doing something we usualy do regularly. So when i saw this sites i thought "wow !! here goes another scam and fake area". But still thought of trying it after looking different review.wordering how it will work.  So i give it a shot and here is my daily report .

So here is my area where i earn cryptocurrency every day

  • Tv-two
  • Brave browser
  • Pi network

First i find this amazing website publish0x through google where people are paying cryptos just for writing quality contents. So i applied for its author/writer job and got approved. Then  i start writing content making a blog called "my cryptocurrency knowledge 2020" and " food receipe". Whenever i got some new update which i thought might be woth sharing to people i keep on  writing and share it .Every day i wrote about 2-3 articles here. So i earn few cryptos according to the quality of my content. My article some time attract less traffic and some time more to medium traffic every minutes. It crazy and fun how my traffic grows.

Another site i earn is .this is just a same platform as publish0x. I did the same thing as i am doing in publish0x to also. Think for new idea which will be helpfull to public and share them writing it down. And get some cryptos for that i applied the same formula as in publis0x. Ita really time consuming to make people interact my article but its worth giving a try. So i give more focus on such area. Thank you to everyone reading my article till are all my encouragement

After i publish my article in both the platform i turm my self to this two self earning app called tv-two and pi network. Here i just watch some of my favorite video may be music or tv shows or gigs etc and each time i keep watching this video i earn some cryptos.its not much but means a lot to me. And also i keep this app called pi network open on my mobile background and keep accumulating pi automactically inviting friends. The more invite the more i earn pi. I just have to open this app  thats all. As i was writing this this app keeps on earning more is my pi invite code hemchand261. Join in my pi contributor circle and earn pi with me

Finally when an writing all this and going from another website to another searching for new thing and seeing my traffic update to my article. I am earning BAT token automatically through this brave browser. Yes i am doing this all to my brave browser thinking of geting some free BAT token and i am earning it for all free. So totally i am earning about 5-6 different cryrocurrency mostly of ethereum based and ERC TOKEN and  one of bitcoin cash(BCH)

I really enjoy doing this every day regularly . Thinking it as one of my job to do whenever i am free. And i love earning all this free digital money. Hoping to be one of the crypto owner one day starting from  this scratch.

Doing this till now everyday i earn about 3-4$ worth of crytocurrency every day. Lol i know  its not much but it like a huge achievement for me.

Thank you for reading


A music lover,crypto enthusiatic,blogger and a writer. Crypto will cope the world

My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

I am new in crypto world .but i am sharing whatever i knew about the latest crypto information.

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