The weird The bizzare and The useless crypto

The weird The bizzare and The useless crypto

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 10 Jun 2020

The world of cryptocurrency is so vast as there are  many which we are not aware of it. Being decentralised in nature people create crypto according to their need and which feats them. There are many which are valuable and  popular like BTC, ETC,LTC  etc. But among them there are still many which are weird, bizzare and at the same time absolutley useless at all

Here is a list of top weird, bizzare and useless crypto just for your entertainment and enjoyment

List of top Weird cryptos


  • UFO coin

Sadly This UFO doesn't mean an unidentify flying object and is not related with extra terristrail object. Here UFO stands for unknown fiscal object. It is a crypto which use neoscrypt techology for creating strong encryption and extra protection layer on a network.currently it is at 844 spot in market ranking.

  • Sprouts(SPRT)

It is a cryptocurrency fostering new possibility and talent. It was released under POS mechanism and atits initail stage it was famous and theire community spreads. But the value conitinue to be depleted and is now a dead coin. But still their  developers are on their way of making a fresh beginning.

  • Garlicoin(GRLC)

As the name suggest this coin is devoted to all the garlic bread lover. It is a freshly backed crypto born from the shitpost of Reddit community. It is also a project forked from litcoin

  • Unobtainium(UNO)

Even though it sounds weird Unobtanium is considered to be the rarest cryptocurrency. Only 250000 UNO coin will be minted within the nex 300 years. It is a platinum to Bitcoin gold, and a single piece of digital rock made up of a unique cryptographic material

  • Skincoin(SKIN)

Sounds realy weird isn't it. This is not related to you skin  of your body. Instead it is meaned for gaming.It is  a multipurpose cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. Using skincoin users can buy video game firearm or swap gaming skins.

  • Coinye

It is the wierdest crypto in the list.Does it sound like kanye? There is lot more than this similarity. This coin was sue by kanye west for using his image as the logo of this coin. Later due to the lawsuit charges by kanye the project was abondened bybthe developer. Now it is a domed coin.

  • Whoopercoin(WPC)

Even a burger have its own cryptocurrency. Whooper coin is an ethereum blockchain based project developed by Russia burger king whooper.  It is a reward program where customer get one whopper coin for each ruble they spend. And people can buy burking king whopper using whopper coin

  • Mooncoin(MOON)

Forget about food our heavenly body has its own cryptocurrency. Mooncoin is a crypytocurrency built under ethereum blockchain whose total supply is based on the average distance from the earth and the moon. So you know its total supply,if you know the distance between the moon and the earth.Very funny though!!. Mooncoin also have its own language called Moon word in DAAPs.

  • Dentacoin(DCN)

As the name suggest this coin is relates to dentist. It is a solution in  improving the cost effectiveness for both patient and dentist. Dentacoin is traded on exchange such as HitBTC. The only thing about this coin is it is accepted by only 2000 dentist in only 9 coutries.

  • Deeponion

Unlike garlic coin which is realted to garlic bread, deepoinon is not related to onion. But is a crypto project that offer privacy browser TOR  for enhancing privacy and multilayer protection. It also have a creepy animated  avatar on its website. The aim of Deeponion is better privacy.

  • Potcoin(POT)

As the name suggest it is a cryptocurrency for global cannabis industry. It is used to interact, communicate, and transact for cannbis enthusiast. It used POS mechanism. The main goal of potcoin is to empower, secure and facilates legal acess of cannabis bh creating a unique cryptocurrency.

Mao zedong(MAO)

 it is a crypto based on a chinese policy maker Mao Zedong. The coin is said to be influence by putincoin which is made to pay tribute to russina president Vlademier Putin.

  • Putincoin

It is crypto coin created to pay tribute to Russia president Vlademir Putin. It can be used for business, trading, private uses and social project. It used a hybrid alogorithm scrypt offering both POW and POS mechanism. It is considered to be the first and biggest national coin concept. It also has another coin called putin classic.

  • Trumpcoin

Just like putincoin Trumo coin is a crypto project developed as a mark for supportin American president Donald Trump, its administratiom , followers amd patriot. It worls under POS mechanism. Users can store Trumpcoin either in pc or at  the exchnge  they purchase. It also have the opportunity to stake and claming annual rewards.

  • Ron paul coin(RPC)

Ron paul coin is a crypto project developed for Ron paul a us congress man. It was launched in 2013. It  used scrypt algorithm based on litcoin protocol. Bringing politicians in cryptocurrency is more weird than ever.

  • Bananacoin (BCO)

In all fairness, the Bananacoin is a serious project with a serious team and project plan. But its coin sound weird and funny. This company behind this token is said to groe the first environment friendly organic banana.


List of the most Bizzare coin


  • Porncoin

Porncoin is dedicated to all  the adult industry . It is created to give value based on the sucess to those adult industry that use  porncoin liquidity  pool. This token is an ERC20 build on Ethereum blockchain. It has a total supply of 6,900,000 coins

  • Gay money coin

you already know what this coin might be associated with. Yes, it is a crypto project built inorder to help and support LGBTQ community and activist worldwide. It was deveopled in 2016. But is not tradable in any exchange and is now a dead coin due to no market volumn.

  • Legend Room(MORE)

Cryptocurrency can also be find in party club environment. Previously legend room  token was called LGD . But in 2018 it was changed to MORE in bittrex exchange. It offers the private parties, night club , nightlife, entertainment , membership etc. People are required to purchase 6000 MORE coin for their membership.A  5,000 tokens, holders get a lifetime VIP membership to a Las Vegas strip club. 

  • Tombcare

It is an ERC20 standers token build under Ethereum blockchain. It is related to burial ceremony and is developed to serve the customers for doing task like finding burial place, get detail photo report of burial performance . And for performers for doing task like choosing the burial service, adding list of service, registration of graves, selecting cemetry etc.

  • Sexcoin

It is the first industry specific cryptocurrency targeting the adult enteetainment industry. It can be used to purchase adult product and aims in replacemnet of current payment process. Unlike other Sexcoin is not am ERC20 token and there is no ICO.  It is used to avoid unfair fees amd discremination or fraud.

  • Fuck( finally useable crypto karma)

The name itself is a bizzare. It is a social token that help everyone around the globe which give a fuck. The token permits anyone from anywhere to send and receive money immediately with low is a funny story i found on a website

Mom, I’m a crypto trader now.”
“What coins do you have sweetie?”
“Chad we need to talk. This isn’t healthy.”


Here is  list of useless, worthless and scamy coins.


  • Kicktoken(KICK)

It is an ERC-20 Token build under the ethereum blockchain.  I put this on the top list because it is one of the most useless, worthless and scam coin. In 2020 there was an airdrop from kicktoken where they send out 888,888 kicktoken. This coin will just only frozen in your wallet. And cannot be used to trade.unfrezzing them charge fee which is meaningless. Many people are the victim of kickcoin scam but thankfully i am not. If you don't want to get kick dont invest on it.

  • Useless ethereum token

The developer of this token is one hell of an honest person. The name implies everything. It doesn't worth anything to start with. There is no need to mention anything.Its website also said " the world first 100% honest ethereum ICO" . Here you dont have to expect the value of token to go up. The token name and the token value corelates each other. Thaks for its transparency.

  • Toilet paper coin(TPC)

It is an ERC20 toke  build on an Ethereum Blockchain. It can be exchange for real life toilet paper by sending exchange TPC tokens to a public smart contract which interacts with the Amazon Ecommerce API . 1 TPC is equal to 3 ply of toilet paper or 500 sheet as per their website. People can become an early adoper by depositing Toilet paper in a parcel with their ETH address and receive airdrop. 

Will you spend your toilet paper in order to get this token. Instead of buying toilet paper from market LOL. Instead wipe your ass.

  • Corona coin(NCOV)

It is a crypto used to trad, bet on the coronavirus pendemic based on how many people fall ill or die. Its token supply is said to reduced for every 2 days. With every token reduced for every infection. This is some kind of profit game from the developers as they claim this token  for donation. But cannot be a trustworthy. Apart from this there are many other coin under the name "Corona".which are all useless and worthless

  • Shitcoin

This is another top useless crypto available in market. Its value 0$.This is realy a shit coin that you cannot even find what is shitcoin all over the internet. Its website is also realy a shit as there is no whitepaper, unclear roadmap, no proper team avatar etc. So don't every try to become a shit by investing on this.










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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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