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By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 13 May 2020

Hi guys ,welcome to my blog today is quite a boring and rainy wednesday out here

I have been on publish0x for more  about a week or so. An i am really happy to be part of publish0x writer team.Bloging wasn't my real hobby before. But after being accepted and published my first article here at publish0x . I have already start addicting on this bloging platform. This platform gave me a place to  expose my own idea about different experience.i want to thanks to the publish0x team.

So here are some of my suggestion that i think can be improve

  • Rewards for giving useful and meaningful comment. As this could help writers inprove their skill of writing  according to readers the same time readers are also able to give quality coment.
  • Rewards for upvoting.
  • Giving bonus for those articles where most readers are engaged to read,most upvote/like. Because those are the article more worth to be publish.
  • Pay per view idea where writers also get paid according to the number of view they got per article.
  • Reward for each article according to the number of word they used for publishing . Such as per 500 words or per 700 words . But should be of meaning full and usefull one.
  • Creating a forum or chat section for  writers according to the type and category of blogs. This will hep writers to interact and share their thought.
  • Inculdes more cryptocurrencies other than lOOPRING, DIA and BAT.
  • Allows the writer to view their followers.subject to correction i haven't find this option yet.i only found the option to see those we followed.

Hope other writers also agree with my few suggestion and see such improvement in the near future.pleaee feel free to share your idea also.

Happy bloging guys.

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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

I am new in crypto world .but i am sharing whatever i knew about the latest crypto information.

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