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Publish0x vs!! Which is the best!!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 18 May 2020

Many people have made many good comparision between publish0x and steemit . But now i am comparing its publish0x Vs 

I found this two type of platform which are mean for  articles writers and blogers. This two sites are publish0x  and i have been part of this two community for almost  about 10 here is the thing that i had experinced. And find out which is the best.This article is going to be a bit long so please bear with me lol. My final result is at the bottom of this article.

Publish0x and website

I first joint Publish0x then after two days i found and latter joined it. Comparing about the website i find the layout and presentation of publish0x to be more attarctive and distinct compare to obviously its because is just a few month old and still there is a  lot more to develop.

The clipboard format and its different format button is well designed and easily understandable in publish0x. But in different format button is not that easy to find. 

Publish0x vs sign up

Comparing to the method of sign up. I think its both the same. You just have to go to their respective website click sign up button and  enter your email ,password,username. Verify your email thats it. 

Writing article/blog

There is a big difference between this two. In Publish0x we can become a writer only after our application for becoming a weiter  is aproved from their team.For this we need to submit a sample of our own article or blog after signup. Or only from theire invites.For me it was after their approval.

But in there is no such option once you sign up you can start writing articles or blog and publish straight away.

Tip system

Both the platform reward each writer for publishing quality article/ similarity is that they don't pay their writer according to the number of views per article. Instead they paid according to a so call tip. But there is major difference about tiping

In Publish0x both the readers and writers are awarded for tiping their favourite article.Ranging from a scale of 20-100%.if you tip writer 20% reader will get the remaining 80% . And the  tips comes from their reward pool . We don't have to invest anything.

But in only the writer earn from tiping by a reader.And  as a reader you can earn by commenting on other articles. Or commenting on forum. You can tiped writers by depositing BCH (0.10$) from your wallet or from the tips you have accumuted . If and only if you are the writer . so unlike publish0x you need to have few cent in your account inorder to tip.

Method of earning

In publish0x you can earn by becoming a reader or a writer. If you become a writer then your earning potential increases both as reader and writer.But members are not paid for commenting or upvoting.which means there is only one way of earning. Either by writing or reading.

But in writers and readers can earn from tips,publishing content (500 words)for giving quality comment (up to 60 character long) and also for upvoting. So there is four different ways of earning has a point system.later points are converted into BCH after burned.

Type of cryprocurrency being paid

Publish0x pays its writers and readers in three differe ethereum based ERC2 token. They are DAI,BAT and LOOPRING which came from their reward pool.

Where as pay each members in BITCOIN CASH(BCH)  from their distribution fund.

Payment method

In Publish0x payment is done every monday through a ethereum compatible wallet. After reaching a threshold of about 0.50$  for each token.They suggest a mobile wallet called Atomic wallet for sending the currency. And also suggest not to use any exchange wallet.

where as in payment is instant. There is no minimum threshold. We can send our money when our point have been burned and  their fund donor is online and send the  fund to our account.They suggest a wallet called for exchange .

More secure website.

Publish0x is an old website which have been in the internet for more than years. Lots of upgrades has been done to make their platform perfect. Above all no spaming can be done here according to their earning system as mention above. Only qualified writer can write here.

But in there is a very high risk spaming because of their point system of earning which they recently intoduce. But still they are working on it.Above all being a new site lots of bug are also present in this platform .which we find it very uncomfortable to use the website.

If you are not good in writing but still want to earn you can choose because its payment is high even as readers.where in publish0x you can earn only by tiping 6 times perday as reader.

Which is the best!!

If you are a realy good content writer and want to earn only from your quality content publish0x is your choise. They only allowed qualified writer to publish articles hence free from spaming. And if your are both and also want to earn more choose

My choice!!!!!

From my experince i focus more on . And think is more better than publish0x .Because payment is high and payout is also instant. Above all you can still post quality content on this site as a writer and as a reader.

Thank you for reading.





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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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