Mobile mining: The next future of cryptocurrency .

Mobile mining: The next future of cryptocurrency .

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 11 May 2020

Helo guys hope you are all safe at home.lets fight with patient and determination.

Today  i am sharing something which will one day become a sucessfull reality in the feature of crytocurrency.

Mobile mining

The idea of earning  cryptocurrency by being part of a system or activity that reward with tokens is not new now a days. But mining cryptocurrency on mobile phone  just like Pi  or  App like Electroneum is contribuiting a new wave  in the present cryptocurrency era. And looking forward for a bright feature.

Yes you heard it right . You can mine cryptocurrency just using your android mobile phone with version above 4.1. You don't need to spend money on building up mining device. What you spend is just your mobile price you bought from market. That hillarious right!!

How can you mine

Well many sites are opening up just to download their app or software and you can star mining just signing up.This is quite a new trend of mining cryotos. And may fuel up the values of crypto at the market in the near feature. Apps like minergate,pi network, electroneum etc are some of the popular crypto mining apps till date.

Lets know what are they

Pi network is said to have cross 1 million users in 2020.its still untradable but people are extremely busy collecting pi because once the market are open.It's gonna be a big surprise to the pi owner just like bitcoin did in 2008.

Mining pi is very easy and simple unlike other cryptocurrency pi mining  doesn't drain much battery and doesn't slow the mobile processor speed.all you need to do is just tap every day in order to prove that you are still a active user..

Another cryptocurrency called Electroneum (ETN) is a user-friendly, mobile-oriented cryptocurrency that can be mined on any Android mobile phone. According to data  i collected from google it has over 2.5 million active users is also said that from this app users can mine up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month.

Lastly one of the most popular mobile mining app is minergate. You can  find this app from the website as well as google play store.a very distinguise and unique feature about this mining app is that it allows the miner all over the world to interact each other through a chat platform. Which i considered it as a special feature of this app. 

Apart from that , this app also provides more than 10 cryprocurrency to mine at a time mainly altcoin  including the top ranking crytocurrency bitcoin and ethereum.

Here i am sharing how the minergate platform looks like 

Available cryptocurrency


Chat platform

My view point about mining cryptocurrency

Of all the three mining app i would consider mining pi network even thought its not tradable at the day it will be and is more user friendly.

From my own experience and opinion mining cryotocurrency from a smartphone is not going to make much profit. Even though it will a bit. Because mining cryptocurrency for profit require a more powerful gadget. It doesn't mean that moder smartphone are not powerful but cryotocurrency mining machin is more powerful than the smartphone. And is also costly. But still mining crypto througn mobile is going to be new wave in the feature of cryptocurrency.

The only disadvantage of mining cryptocurrency using mobile device is  that it leads to overheating, lower performance of processor an more importantly damages the Google baned most of the mining app. But still we can find some at the app store.

Thank you for reading.


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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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