John Mcafee solved Bitcoin greatest mystery. But won't tell who Satoshi Nakamoto is!!!

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 24 May 2020

There are many mystery hovering around the name Satoshi Nakamoto who is said to be the creator of Bitcoin.In 2008 an article was plublished under the pseudnym of Satoshi Nakamoto presenting the idea of cryotocurrency. Then he was said to create the first 50 BTC . Letter after 2 year Satoshi faded away in 2011 leaving behind only code and question.

From that moment many people stars asking who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Till now there is so solid evident to prove who is Satoshi Nakamoto. But still there are lots of mystery on who sathoshi is.

Recently in an interview with cointelegraph  John Mcafee the antivirus developer and self proclaim president candidate of USA , said that  he is 99% sure that he knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is . Explaning that satoshi nakamoto is not only an individual person.


He even claim the possiblity of craig wright behind being the satoshi nakamoto as he even involved in the project.

McAfee pointed to various language points in the paper that suggest Craig Wright or someone like him may have been involved in the creation of BTC. He says that the paper uses British English over American English, and consistently used two spaces after a period.

McAfee also said that the format of the document was similar to documents that Satoshi Nakamoto had published professionally which makes it relatively easy for anyone to figure out.


Despite of all his explanation , he said he wouldn't reveal the real person who is behind the name of satosho nakamora and who wrote the white paper. Because he fears  that it could ends up destroying an innocent man life also may cause his death

As per his interview with cointelegraph he is said to have spoke  with the person he claim to be satoshi nakamora on the phone. And here is what he said about it,


So will the long awaited bitcoin mystery be considered to be solved or is it another mystery from John Macafee. From his interview he had already said that it is easy to judge now. Who is Sathosho Nakamoto? Is he craig wright for real?






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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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