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Is your brave browser stops receiving any ads ? Also your BAT token decreases automatically? This might be the main reason why .

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 11 May 2020

Hey guys welcome ro my i am going to share you most of the common issue every brave browser users are facing now a days.

What are the issues?

I have been using brave consistantly for the last 4 days  making it as my default browser. And have earn about 4.2 BAT till yesterday .but today i found my BAT has been reduce to 2.5 automatically. And since than i haven't receive any single ads . Yesterday i received about 40 ads. Still i keep my threshold of 5 ads per hour but still no ads pop up. 

When i search through different forum.I found many people have also experience the same problem. They are still confuse  without  knowing the reason behind it.

What might be the reason?

So here are some of the information i got regarding this problem.

Brave is a kind of browser which reward theire users in cryptocurrency called BAT(Basic atention Token).they reward their users for using their browser consistantly.we can set the number of ads we can view hourly. So here comes the main misconception. If a user set to view 5 ads per hours it doesn't mean that the user will get all 5 ads in an hour. The reality is that users will get ads only according to their region of if the brave algorithem find ads that match the region of availabilitu then the ads will pop up.some time users may get more ads and sometime less. And if it shows no ads available in your reagon and if you are in the region where ads are available then you have contact the brave team . Only then you can solve it.

Is this the only reason

Another reason might be that they said there are limited number of ads user can view per day. But it not sure how much the number is but if we reach that threshold then we wound get any ads for the day. So what we can do is keep using the browser constantly and waiting for the ads to come anytime.

Here is a response from the brave support team regarding the ads issue.



BAT token reduce without any reason

One of the most frustrating issue face by every brave user is reduction of BAT token without reason.there is no exacy reason why its hapening .many users had complain about this issue but they cannot give the reply up to users satisfaction. May be because they are not sure about it and still they cannot solve the problem.

What might be the reason

So i did a little thorought research and came out some fare meaningful reason but this cannot be 100% exact reason. We know that BAT token value keeps on changing according to the market ranking and value. So some times the value gets low and sometime goes up.hence we can see some  changes in the BAT value because of this up ,down market fluctuation. The market value of BAT token is 0.20$ with slight downfall feom 0.22$ Which reflect our BAT point  at our brave this might me one of the reason leading to the reduction in brave point.

Hope this information will help all the brave users a little bit from frustration like me.

Thank you for reading.



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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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