Is mining pi from pi network worth profit?

Is mining pi from pi network worth profit?

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 26 May 2020

Mining is  one of the most popular way of earning cryprocurrency and its trending world wide. Though its profit depends on the market fluctuation of the coin and its popularity. Maximum profit came from mining process . But Unlike other crypto like Bitcoin is mining pi worth it?

Pi is degital asset just like bitcoin introduced by a team of stanford university .Pi network  is a free app found in  both Android and Ios playstore. Anyone can join the pi network and start earning free pi today withouth any investment and expenses for mining. Unlike other coin mining pi is easy, free and effortless as it is an already build up process where  user have to only download the app and signup and the mining starts automatically. Mining pi through your mobile or pc does't cost any battery nor cause any damage to the device. It is an ecofrindly platform

In order to earn pi and make sure the users is an active member you just need to tap the green button on the app as per its notification every 24 hours. Earning pi is more advance in PC as it helps in earning additional coin. Also user are able to earn more coin by inviting more people.

Currently pi is in phase 2 and they are still accepting new user in pi network. Hence trading and exchange of pi will be available when it reach phase 3. Phase 2 is the right time to earn pi as mining process is fast and quick but in phase 3 when it reach certain number of user threshold its mining speed will decrease leading to difficulty in minting pi.The only way to earn pi is through invite . Used my invitation code: hemchand261 to join and earn pi by downloading the app.

When  pi reaches phase 3 and become eligible in exchange platform it may face the same situation faced by bitcoin in 2009.currently pi  future value is about 0.36$ according to coingeko market price but its not official yet. So calculating its  future profit if you have minted 100 pi  you have 100×0.36= 36$. Imagine how much it will be in month and years when its current price  increases drastically. It profit will be sky high at the time of exchange.

So mining pi is an interesting and mystery profit making process.where no one can predict its profit till now but comparing to the mining process and its eco friendly feature mining pi will certainly be worth profit in future. Future of pi is very bright and we can make many money from pi network.

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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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