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Here is the three new upgrade on BITCOIN CASH

By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 18 May 2020

After its highly controversial Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP) BCH mada a certain upgrade this May 15.

This new update includea new opcode support, an elongated chain limit besides a new Sigchecks feature, which will help in signature counting operations.The upgrade was  initiated after block 635,258. 

Three important upgrade in BCH

Increased transaction limit

BCH increased the network transaction limit from 25 to 50. As a result  re-sending of unconfirmed transactions will be much faster.They have also raised the block size to 32MB.


New opcode support

addition of the opcode OP Reversebytes. To reverses the bytes of the top stack .


Sigchecks feature

Lastly the Sigchecks feature. Meeting Sigchecks will drastically improve sigops counting on .


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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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