Exploring BAT fan made community| BATGROWTH|GIVEBAT

Exploring BAT fan made community| BATGROWTH|GIVEBAT

Being a user of brave browser and a juge fan of BAT i personally like exploring different features and content on both the platform. Recently i had came across a wonderful BAT community which i havn't seen before and shared to everyone out here. Visit article here 

BAT community is very big and diverse.Besides the various partnership and different community program BAT also gives an opportunity for their fan to make their own platform.Till today there are two different fan made platform in BAT community. They are GIVEBAT.COM and BATGROWTH.COM.It is because of such special fan based featur many people have choose to become brave/ BAT fan,  leading to the growth of their fan community. I had personaly experinced on bat community as a BAT fan and here is what i found.so lets dive into the platform one by one



Givebat.com is a new, fan-made website that helps shine a spotlight on the web's bravest websites and creators. The mission of this fan page is to help saving the web. It is a curated directory of the best content creators who are leading the movement toward a better web. Still they are a small team with Daniel james as the product manager and Evan feng as the  UI/UX. They are the team who are passionate about making a better web 

Givebat have different features like 

  • Changelog news and poadcast for developers
  • Indizr everything  web 3.0
  • Collection of crypto companion

And other different platforms like fun, news, tech gaming  and videos.


Changelog news and poadcast for developers is mainly for developer. It has  the most important and relevant development news for fan who are a deveoper to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and information.

The Changelog team highligthed everything from Artificial intenligence  to javascript, to wide range converstaion with various industry experts. This page is also fostering a global community around their content.

And even for those fan who are not a developers  there are still lots of things on this site. Here one can also find a recorded interview with Brain Bondy the co-founder of brave and his journey with Brave. Besides this there is a special page where people can find everything about BAT and Brave in Changelog.

Visit changelog page here: https://changelog.com/


In indizr everything web 3.0 there is a full of informative and well written post  about this exciting third chapter of the web, a movement that Brave and BAT are championing.Indizer is website dedicated to exploring the many different facets of the shift toward Web 3.0.Whenever people are on givebat.com  there’s bound to be something interesting or useful for every BAT fan on Indizer.

Visit indizr page here: https://indizr.com/


Collection of crypto companion section comprises of different news platform where you can read about the latest new in crypto and blockchain. Their news platform include poppular sites like coindesk, AMB crypto, Ethereum world crypto, blokonomi, crypropanic,cryptoslate etc.Moreover  there is many other useful tools to check crypto prices and convert values between currencies like coingecko, coinmarketcap etc.

Visit site here :https://givebat.com/crypto-companions

Givebat is a very useful fan made comunity for every Brave/ BAT fan and i defenitley recomend trying it.

Vist givebat page here: https://givebat.com/

GIVEBAT TWEETER LINK: https://twitter.com/givebat

GIVEBAT EMAIL: hey@givebat.com



BatGrowth is another popular  fan-made website that helps in tracking verified publisher numbers over time, and also helps in viewing the full list of verified publishers.

Here we can see all the current updated data for the number of brave publisher is different platform like youtube,websites tweeter, reddit, vimeo, twitch, github etc.


                Youtube publisher data

Besides there is also a historical collection of data for number of BAT holder. Which is represented in the form of chart. Also we can see all the list of new publisher join in brave community.


Visit site here : https://batgrowth.com/

Hence this fan page gives a lots of updated datas regarding Brave browser and BAT. If you want to know the current data of  BAT and Brave this is defenitely one of the site to go through.

Hope this will find helpfull to all Brave and BAT fan out here.

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My crypto knowledge 2020

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