Enjin: A blockchain gaming platform

Enjin: A blockchain gaming platform

Cryptocurrency and Video game are both insantly popular now a days. One great thing about current video game platform is that the market is full of young people with a knowledge of virtual currency . Hence integrating  cryptocurrency into the gaming world is a possible strategy. This is what enjin is all about.

Enjin is moving the concept of "holding cryptocurrency and utilizing it as per their need" to the gaming ecosystem and letting people to tokenise virtual item  by creating a tool that makes it excessable and usuable.

Enjin allowed users to tokenised weapon, armors etc inside the game. Enjin is trying to change the ownership of degital item and extend it an ingame steam. The main thing is that the weapon should not  be owned or control by developers but instewd by the gamers.

What is Enjin.

Enjin is a singapore based gaming company established back in 2009. It is a blockchain based gaming ecosystem built under the ethereum blockchain with more than 250,000 gaming communities and around 20 million registered gamers. Enjine provides the game developers all the tools they need  to built a game.

ERC1155 is important in enjine ecosystem. It was created by enjin in 2018 and is an improve version of ERC20 and ERC721, combining the benefit of both fungible and non- fungible token. ERC1155 enables the issuence of both the fungible and non-fungible token, which is a critical thing for every game developers considering the implementation of crypto asset in the game.

What is Enjin coin.

Currently  among the top 50 coin placing at 48 rank.Enjin Coin(ENJ) is a cryptocurrency for virtual goods created by Enjin. It  is what the game developer used to pay blockchain based gaming item. It could be anything form fungible to non -fungible like weapon armour etc. Each virtual item has a certain amount of enjin coin inside them which could be redemed latter.when an enjin game is released players can complete level and win enjin coin as a tokenised reward. It then can be used to buy ingame item from stores, marketplace or even trade it.

What else is inside Enjin platform

Enjin platform is an ecosystem for blockchain game developers. It impowers game developers to raise fund by developing thier game by selling pre released item during the development stage. It is also one of the way to use blockchain in any game by tokenising valuable items like armour, weapon etc. It also help the game developer to monitized once the game is out.

Buying and selling of ingame item has been on black market. And one of the cire issue is the middle man who is making all the money  from the exchange instead of the game developer. Enjin ensure that that the game developer get a fare cut from such sort activity.

The enjin platform also give some pretty tool to grow their community. Like founder token, which is a membership token. Besides it also give the ability to built decentrised gaming multiverse. Where player are allowed to level up, use their character and bringing their item to different game.

Enjin beam and wallet


Enjin bean is another cool feature of enjin  built under tge enjin wallet. It is a QR code airdrop system where developers can give away things like special game item attracting audience. Gamers have to scan the QR code and claim the airdrop.


Enjin wallet is one of the most simple and fastest crypto wallet available  both in android and IOS. Enjin wallet is a stop shop for storing and sending ERC1155, ERC721 and ERC20 token. Besides this it also support major coin like BTC, BNB, LTC etc. It is also the gateway to access other element of the enjin ecosystem.

Enjin x block explorer


In order to see all the available asset user have to go to enjinx.io and there will be differnt assets like ERC1155, ERC20, ERC721, marketplace and many more. User can buy any assets from the marketplace or any ERC asset holder by selecting the item we want, click on buy button and finally scan the QR code using enjin app. 


Market palce is also a nice place to list digital asset and sell them. It is also integrated with enjin explorer and wallet.

Needs for an upscaling solution 

Enjin is working on Efinity an ETH upscaling solution. Earlier in Feb 2020 enjin announced launching on Ethereum mainnet. But Ethereum 1.0 is capable of only 15 transaction  per second. Which not even near to what enjine is able to achieve. If there happens to be many transaction then the gas price will increase to sky high. Hence Ethereum 2.0 will be a big deal for enjine as uses can create new item on ETH mainnet and people could use enjin the way it was intended to be.


Enjine aims in making all the blockchain game super easy to use. And to develop solution for those users who just play game and dont know anything about blockchain. There are very few Blockchain game available and there is a long way for a blockchain game to come in the mainstream. But it is realy nice to see how enjin make thing easy for gamers.



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My crypto knowledge 2020

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