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By Cryptohem | My crypto knowledge 2020 | 30 May 2020

This review regarding  brave and Bat is not about its general feature but about the  deep technical analysis about both the platform.

BAT (basic attention token) the name implies what this token is all about. It is a digital advertisement cryptocurrency build on Ethereum network which. It is developed under a chain in which publishers, users, and advertisers can connect one another in a decentralised environment. With BAT both the users and advertisers are rewarded. As the name suggest users are paid for paying attention  to advertisement while advertisers also received some portion from ads revenue. In order to compensate its token the BAT team develop the Brave browser. 

Brave is an inhouse browser that intergrate into the BAT environment. Brave browser focus on both speed and privacy. Brave blocked all unnesecessary advertisement by default. Unlike others brave block all third party trakers and advertisers without any bias. Brave browser is monitoring the behaviour of the users on what type of content users are viewing the most. And based on the information received publisers are paid  accordingly. Another this is that since brave browser use blockchain technology to track the data it is nearly impossible to tamper .

Brave not only monitor users intention and behaviour but also measure what is called Attention value of advertisement. Brave calculate this measurement based on the amount of time the advertisement is viewed . Once determined brave shows user the type of advertisement they are most likely want to see. Brave also used what is called inhance advertise matching.  It is mainly a collection of data which include active tab, keyword search, URL and browser information. Using this tools brave deterimine wether or not the user are in preferable time or place to show advertisement. If not then the browser won't show any ads. Brave privacy is somthing more advance that any browser are not provideimg. Whne browsing brave keep entire data private. It also block third party trackers.

BAT was developed by a team of highly talented and hight experince in market analysis. The team behind BAT include Brandon Eich which is the leading developer and founder followed by co-founder Brain bondy and privacy specialist yan zhu.The BAT token used by brave was once  a highly controvercial  crypro in the history of cryptocurrency. It was  due to the fact that the project receive 35 million $  within half a minutes. Mainly because only about 130 people bought the BAT token with only 5 person buying half of the total supply. Which means the project is not decentralised  and is not distribited to people like other cryptocurrency does. brave was developed by a team of highly talented and hight experince in market analysis. Brandon Eich 

Using brave browser users get better battery life, high quality browsing , undisturbed content and less data uses. It also reduces memory uses and more importantly beats other browser in privacy features. Using brave one has a potential of earning 70$ every year where the team are likely to increase the reward up to 224$ in future.


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My crypto knowledge 2020
My crypto knowledge 2020

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