6 weird cryptocurrency with person name

6 weird cryptocurrency with person name

Internet is a strange place  at the same time weird. We find lots of funny , serious and stupid thing out there. Same thing also happens in  cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is becoming popular day by day. At the same time many weird crypto are also among them.Being a decentralised nature people are making different funny and weird crypto.There are many serious and valuable crypto like BTC and ETH  but on the other side lots of strange, bizzare and weird coins out in the market.

Among those coins here are a list of 6 weird and crazy crypto based on different politicians

  • Putin coin(PUT)


Price- 0.00009$

The first on the list goes to Valimir Putin.This is a  cryptocurrency created to pay tribute to world most powerful president of Russia Vlademier Putin . It is currently ranked #1494  in coinmarketcap with 0.00009$ as its current value. It has an All time high of 0.19$ and all time low of 0.00004$.

This coin can be used for business, trading, private person, social project etc and uses hybrid alogirthm called Script which offers both POW and POS mechanism. Putin coin can be mined at any computer and can be submitted to any exchange. It is also said to be the first and biggest national coin concept.

Apart from putin coin another weird crypto based on president putin is also available and is called Putin Classic

Visit website here: https://putincoin.org/

  • Trumpcoin(TRUMP)


Price- 0.17$

Another weird  crytocurrency based on politician is Trump coin. This coin is created in support to US President Donal Trump administration, his followers and patriots.

Currently it is ranked 1492 in coinmarketcap and has an all time high of 1.67$ and all time low of 0.0003$. TRUMP can be store either on computer or on exchange they purchase. It uses a POS mechanism and have the opportunity to claim staking rewards by staking.

Visit website here :http://www.trumpcoin.com/

  • Mao Zedong(MAO)



MAO is another weird politician coin based on Mao Zedong  a famous policy maker of china. Unlike others MAO coin is said to have been influence by the Putin coin.currently it is ranked 1349 at coinmarketcap .And has an all time high of 0.32$ and all time low of 0.002$.  It works both on POW and POS mechanism.

 coin announcement  : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1970439.0

  • Ron Paul Coin(RPC)


Price- 0.0098$

Ron paul is a former US congresman and his coin was launched on 29 december 2013. The logo of RPC coin has his picture engraved on it. Freiexchange is the current active trading market for this coin according to coingecko.RPC work under POW, scrypt mechanism based on Litecoin protocol.

It has an all time high of 0.87$ on Nov,2019 ans all time low of 0.0001$ on oct, 2019. And has a maximum supply of 2.1 million RPC.

Coin announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5159486

  • Macron coin(MCRN)



In my view Macron coin is the most weird and at the same time funniest coin among these coins. It is a cryptocurrency after french preseidential candidate Emanual Macron. Unlike other coin its information and data is limited and currently the coin is inactive . The coin logo is also just a picture or Emanuel Macron.The coins is said to have work in POS  mechanism and is currently ranked 3345 in cryptobrowser. The coin has a maximum supply of 401million MCRN.

Coin announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1840661.0

  • Geertcoin(GREET)


Price- 0.00009

GEERT coin is a coin created to support the leading politician candidate of Netherland, Geert Wilders at that time. This crypto is based on POW, scrypt mechaniam.It also have a limited information. But according to its data GEERT coin has an all time high of 0.04$ on 2018 and all time low of 0.000081$ on 2019. It also has a maximum supply of 9.6 million

Coin announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1789401.0

The ranking and prices changes accdingly from time to time and all the data are collected by the time of writing this article.

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My crypto knowledge 2020

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