Users Rewarded For Finding New DeFi Projects Early

Users Rewarded For Finding New DeFi Projects Early

We've all seen the airdrop rewards from Uniswap, 1Inch, Furucombo, etc. 

Its no secret that there is a developing world of DeFi activity that incentivizes new members to competitively engage in the DeFi treasure hunt. The rewards can be life-changing. UNISWAP being one of the major airdrops of 2020, with users receiving 400 UNI tokens over night. Some cashed out for a total of $3200 USD, while others are still holding waiting until UNI token explodes. 



Today I want to extend an invitation to you, the DeFi specialist; You scourge the internet relentlessly for new DeFi opportunities, you may have a few that you know are revolutionary. The problem is, there is no reliable platform fo you to share your ideas on that pay you for your contributions. Today that changes.




I invite you to join our exclusive MeWe discussion uncovering these extremely rare, but largely rewarding "treasure hunts"; The point is simple, we all want to be involved in uncovering these HIDDEN gems to gain the FREE airdrops. Therefore, with your participation, we could solve the problem of scarcity, and thus our community engagement would only benefit the community as a whole. You would be able to share ideas OR learn from others who have stumbled onto opportunities that airdrop HUGE rewards to participants. No matter if you are a seeker or a user, you would be sure to gain airdrops from activity on our group! THAT is our main goal. 

In the future we will be a rewarding every one who brings back a successful airdrop DeFi project. What this means for you: if you join the channel, drop a link and an article to a new DeFi project and the project ends up later contributing to an AirDrop, there will be a reward for you the content provider with $100 USDT (limit of 3 users per project chosen randomly). 

Early joiners will be eligible to receive a special bonus from our team, chosen randomly after we pass our threshold of 100, 1000, and 10000 users!




The purpose of this is simple. Create a space and aggregator where new DeFi projects can be shared that will result in free money via AirDrops from the Dapps. Join up and share what you have! Thanks for reading and happy DeFi airdrop hunting!

MeWe group discussion link:

Become a content creator and get paid in crypto:

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My Crypto Journey - Beginner to Pro in 4 months

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