Unattended Words

By AgentP | My Content | 27 Apr 2021

Smiling away all the fears,
Fear? No those were mere worries,
Life, is she the personification of it?
Maybe not, but yet she's so full of it.

Giving me a life lesson,
Smiling away all my hidden pains
She can't see, all those she doesn't know.
Yet her presence makes sense to me.

Is she the myth which I was thinking about?
Is she something else entirely?
Just a fallen one I guess
And I think even she doesn't know.

Her words were so happy,
Her happiness was so true,
Looking at her gave me a new meaning to life,
As she mended my heart to grow.

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Just another person, trying to read and learn. Here to share my poems, hope you people will like them:)

My Content
My Content

I'll be posting my poems on here, hopefully people will like it, always open for some ideas and improvement. Thank you

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