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By AgentP | My Content | 2 May 2021

Falling again into this void,

Trying to reach out,

But no one's here,

I'm all alone again,

As I'm supposed to be.


How naive I was?

Never saw it coming,

Now my heart is bleeding,

And I can't stop it,

Can you please stab it?

Again and again and again?

Until it stops beating.


I give up now,

I give up on you,

I give up on myself,

I give up on the things I like,

I give up on the people I love.


I'm now letting my soul die.

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Just another person, trying to read and learn. Here to share my poems, hope you people will like them:)

My Content
My Content

I'll be posting my poems on here, hopefully people will like it, always open for some ideas and improvement. Thank you

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