By AgentP | My Content | 29 Apr 2021

Leaving you isn't a choice,
But your coldness rips my heart apart,
I saw this coming already,
But still I wanted to see for myself,
Maybe some part of me had hope that you....

Well that's not what reality is,
I guess I'm alone in this bliss,
Waited for you all this time,
Knew it wasn't gonna happen,
Still the heart won't stop.

I'll be honest with you,
I tried to stop it,
It's just too stubborn to stop,
Pumping blood as I try to stomp it,
But will still wait I guess,
Why an endless journey stop in a cliche way?

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Just another person, trying to read and learn. Here to share my poems, hope you people will like them:)

My Content
My Content

I'll be posting my poems on here, hopefully people will like it, always open for some ideas and improvement. Thank you

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