By AgentP | My Content | 26 Apr 2021

She gives me joy and sadness,
She's the one who lept through my world,
She's my peace of mind,
Who is she? No one yet everyone.
Love of my life?
Maybe not, maybe? Something more?
Stealing my conscious like she owns it,
Holding my fears close to her,
Keeping me away yet getting close to me,
I can't be with yet I want her to be mine,

Is she mine? Can she ever be mine?
Can't answer this without losing my mind.
Then she left, forever? Maybe not!
Yet she's not gonna comeback,
Shouting out my pain, my sorrow!
Does she care? I ask myself
As my faith dies slowly without saying a word.

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Just another person, trying to read and learn. Here to share my poems, hope you people will like them:)

My Content
My Content

I'll be posting my poems on here, hopefully people will like it, always open for some ideas and improvement. Thank you

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