Does She.....?

By AgentP | My Content | 28 Apr 2021

She came like a wind,
Then blew like a slow breeze,
Was so unsure what to call her,
Different names or relations maybe,
Does she ever think like that too?
Maybe it's just me? Is it just me?

Thinking about her makes my heart smile
Talking to her makes my life smile,
I know she's the one, for me atleast,
Am I the only one to feel like that?
Does she ever thinks like that too?
I should make it clear to her,
But too afraid to lose her,
Can't afford to be away from her heart.

Maybe I'm not the one she's meant to be with,
If not then atleast by her side?

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Just another person, trying to read and learn. Here to share my poems, hope you people will like them:)

My Content
My Content

I'll be posting my poems on here, hopefully people will like it, always open for some ideas and improvement. Thank you

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