FREE Crypto and NFT's (for beginners)

By B-Wood | My Blockchain Adventure | 9 May 2021

Welcome to My Blockchain Adventure where I will explain a few ways that I've earned completely free cryptocurrency and NFT's.

By following this plan you can start earning crypto in as little as 5 minutes.  Once you enter the blockchain world, you will find offers for airdrops and free crypto everywhere you turn but not all of them are worth the time and effort which leads me to my first bit of advice.  Never give someone your seed phrase.  

  1. Torum - Free crypto for using social media
  2. Coinbase - $30+ for free after completing registration
  3. Pipeflare Faucet - Free crypto everyday just for making 1 click
  4. Cointiply Faucet & Arena game
  5. Presearch search engine - Free crypto everyday for every web search
  6. Mining from your phone with Apple & Google approved apps; Pi network, Bee network, and Sperax.
  7. Additional Opportunities (not all of these are free)

My #1 recommendation is to sign up for Torum social media ASAP using this link

What is Torum?

Here is a brief intro about Torum from their Litepaper.  "Founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts, Torum is the first social media platform that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users. The platform strives to connect worldwide cryptocurrency addicts and form a one-stop crypto social media ecosystem."  Their Litepaper and their Whitepaper can be found on the right hand side of the home screen once you login or by following these links Torum Litepaper and Torum Whitepaper 

I could talk for hours about how beneficial Torum has been for me personally but I'll break it down into bullet points so you can start earning extra income immediately.

  • Earn +35 XTM just for signing up by using this link
  • Easily earn +65 XTM weekly by completing simple missions such as liking, commenting, and sharing
  • Earn +35 XTM for each person that you refer
  • Earn NFT's for sharing valuable posts and comments
  • Many users share links to free NFT's everyday.  I'm averaging about 4 new NFT's per day which can easily be sold on the Atomic Marketplace for WAX which can be converted to fiat currency or used to save up and buy that shiny new NFT drop that you've been waiting for.
  • Users share valuable content that will teach you about various things going on in the industry and they also post links to airdrops.  Be careful and do your own research before participating in airdrops.

Torum is expanding rapidly so my recommendation is to sign up now.


My #2 recommendation is to sign up for Coinbase using this link

  • $30 - $40 of FREE cryptocurrency such as $FORTH (Ampleforth), $CGLD (Celo), $GRT (The Graph), $XLM (Stellar), $COMP (Compound), and $NU (NuCypher) just for signing up and completing a few learning videos.
  • $10 in $BTC (Bitcoin) if you deposit $100 and buy $100 worth of crypto.  This step is not necessary but you will get $10 in $BTC if you do it.

Coinbase is #2 on my list because so many people have already taken advantage of this offer, otherwise it could be #1.  Once your account is approved, about 24 hours after completing the KYC info, you will have access to several very short learning videos that each reward you with a cryptocurrency which will total between $30 - $40.  It is entirely free to sign up and each video will earn you $1 - $3 in free crypto.  Once you have your crypto, you can convert it to any other crypto that is available on the platform.  My account was over $60 within 2 weeks just for participating in a few learning videos.  They release new learning videos periodically when they add new coins so be on the lookout for them.

PipeFlare Faucet & Games |  FREE ZCASH, DOGE, & FLARE  |  Daily Rewards
  • Just click this link
  • Create an account and then link your wallet address for each type of coin
  • 1 click will earn you each of the 3 coins, $ZEC, $DOGE, & $FLR
  • Earn additional coins playing free games
  • If you connect your social media accounts then you earn extra rewards each day
Cointiply faucet is steady and the arena is fun
Presearch Search Engine | Earn free $PRE token simply for doing what you do everyday

Presearch is a search engine extension that you add to your web browser of choice (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, etc).  You will earn $PRE tokens every time you perform a normal internet search.  Think about how many times that you perform a search each day.  In less than 2 weeks, I've generated over 40 $PRE from searches without investing any time other than the initial search engine setup.

Referrals earn an extra 25 $PRE.

Mine Cryptocurrency from your phone

Here are 3 different apps to choose from or use all three like I do.  Click the "mine" button and your phone will mine for 24 hours without causing any drain to your battery.  Once the 24 hours is up, you will need to open the app and click the mine button again to start earning again.  In other words, click a button once per day.  Disclaimer: These 3 cryptocurrencies are not worth anything as of writing this because they are very new but imagine earning free bitcoin 10 years ago.  As with all things crypto, I’m super bullish and I am using all sorts of different opportunities to earn “free” crypto and NFT’s.

*If the download links don't work, just download from the Apple app store or Google play store and then use my referral code once you open the app.

  • Pi Network | FREE crypto daily
    • Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link
    • Your invitation code is: Fortune314
    • Download from apple App Store / Google Play
    • Learn more at
  • BEE Network | FREE crypto daily
  • Sperax | Free cyrpto all day every day | Sperax also has a built in multi-coin wallet 
    • bwood00 just invited you to join their Snowball
    • Your Sperax invitation code is: l9b5ow
    • Learn more at
Additional Opportunties (not all of these are free)


  • Gemini | $10 in Bitcoin $BTC after you trade $100
    • Deposit and trade $100 to earn $10 using the following link
    • Use Gemini earn from within the app to earn interest on your crypto investments
  • BlockFi | FREE $10 Bitcoin after you trade $100
  • Robinhood | Piece of the Pie promo


If you enjoy playing games, here are some referral codes that will lead to free game currency and potentially NFT's.

I hope that some of these prove to be useful to you.  I've enjoyed using all of them.  Don't forget to hit the "tip" button on this post or someone else's to earn additional free crypto.


Thank you for reading!

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My Blockchain Adventure
My Blockchain Adventure

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