Republican presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. Issues CBDC Warning and proposes the adoption of Bitcoin!

After Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy launched "The Three Freedoms", his proposal to free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency innovators from governmental overreach, another candidate interfered in this dilemma.

Robert Kennedy Jr., is an American politician, environmental lawyer, activist, and president of Children's Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy group. He is now also a Bitcoin advocate, who actively warns American voters to think twice before electing their new President. He is against the creation of Central Bank Digital Currencies, which will invade every aspect of our social life, by following our financial transactions.


In his fight for freedom, he highlights that, of course, dictators and totalitarianists will love to get their hands on all that data. They will be able to tax whatever transactions you make, invade your privacy, and the absolute control to shut people they don't like down. And technocrats will do it, as they won't be able to resist.

As such, he is another strongman who proposes Bitcoin, the perfect money, a form of money that will save people from to CBDC disaster that is being planned by the WEF.

You now have two candidates to vote for: both of whom are Bitcoin candidates.


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All about BTC, Eth, Gold, Silver, bulls and bears!
All about BTC, Eth, Gold, Silver, bulls and bears!

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