First LEGO-inspired NFT's are inbound to hit the NFT market! What are CryptoMoticon NFT's?

First LEGO-inspired NFT's are inbound to hit the NFT market! What are CryptoMoticon NFT's?

What are CryptoMoticon NFT's?

They are the first LEGO-inspired or LEGO-compatible NFT's hitting the NFT market, yet they aren't in any way associated with the LEGO Company.

Who is CryptoBricks?

CryptoBricks is the soul and inventor of a cool new NFT series: CryptoMoticons. These are funny and easy to recognize characters build out of lego-compatible plastic bricks. By using these bricks as an art-medium, a character is build using anything between 150 and 250 pieces. The MOC (my own creation) is then rendered into a high resolution png image and transformed into an NFT format. Eventually these CryptoMoticon-NFT's all find their way to a collector's wallet after being listed on several NFT marketplaces. The first examples will launch exclusively on SOLSEA. One of the reasons is that big money is supporting Solana, so we see a continuation within the Solana ecosystem. And SOLSEA's low minting costs are an extra trump card.


Why a move to NFT's?

Today thousands of lego-artists post their work on the world wide web through platforms such as flickr, pinterest and the likes..., yet none of them are rewarded for their creative endavours. Even worse, lots of them find their brainchilds copied and produced without earning anything. It is one of the main reasons that we decided to enter the NFT industry with a first attempt to create some extra added value to our creative eruptions. We expect other designers and even producers to follow...

Noticing how NFT collections of sometimes 10k pieces are successfully sold, we contemplated that unique single pieces of lego-compatible inspired art should be competitive in this environment. Therefore, each CryptoMoticon will be unique. Collectors can also rest assure that the CryptoMoticon art pieces hold a license that doesn't allow for commercial exploitation unless specifically mentioned, guarantying that a bid on a CryptoMoticon NFT comes with the exclusive rights to the artwork.

They can of course show off their collection and enjoy it using digital picture frames that will become the standard in future households due to the further digitalization of our society. And you can easily check your NFT collection in a SOLANA wallet.


What about your own coin-project?

We have given that some serious thought as well, but we can not confirm today that we will launch our own coin or token, although a native plastic toy bricks cryptocurrency project is something we intend to do one day. But before that day we will need to get a lot more attention and adoption of blockchain among the top-designers in the AFOL-community, by creating more awareness that lego designers and lego compatible designers can sell their art and can enforce their rights.

If the day arrives, the AFOL (adult fan of lego)-community will hopefully embrace the collective move towards both holding and selling the rights of art they produce. Globally it can lead to a designer market where producers can directly buy a design from an artist with the necessary rights to prove ownership. In this case the rights will need to allow for commercial exploitation, but that's easily included in the metadata that accompanies an NFT.

The financing of our native token would imply a new way of raising capital through what we would call an Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering (INFTO). This can become a standard that will most likely one day be used by someone where the issued NFT's represent a share in the start-up phase of that company. But this is not on our roadmap right now. We believe we have quite some work to do to establish our brand.

Why a standard figure frame for all the CryptoMoticon art pieces?

It was challenging yet amusing to create a body shape that was slightly comical in nature. We didn't want it to be too serious, yet the spherical shape with arms and legs gives us enough room for great design features and allows us to create an iconic recognizable series of personalities representing the typical humoristic work of the designer, CryptoBricks.

We already created more than 100 CryptoMoticons and as soon as we sell some pieces we will expand our NFT collections drastically. Our main goal is to build a brand with this standard figure frame, that will easily be recognized among collectors of art, specifically lego compatible art.


What is a CryptoMoticon worth and how much will they cost?

Since we are only at the beginning of a hopefully long and successful journey, the floor prices will be limited to only 0.5 SOL, with a few exeptions. For that price the collector can buy and own a unique artpiece, never to be created again. This artpiece represents the time and experience, build over several years, by a forward thinking designer who also needs to start from scratch (image above) for each character. The main reason: the facial characteristics of each designed personality are widely different and require the right brick-combination. On average it takes two hours to find the ideal combination for a personality, yet sometimes it takes several trials and errors till we get it just right.

An extra added value is that CryptoBricks will be remembered as the adult fan of lego who pioneered with his transformation of lego-compatible MOC's (my own creation) into NFT format. Therefore, the valuations of certain art pieces hold an opportunity to gain in value. And since NFT's are here to stay, all the early created NFT art, will one day become antique, although people will need a few decades to find that out. We intend to be a part of this exponential evolution to digitalization of mostly everything in our society.

Last but not least, we have stopped posting art anywhere else and you will not be able to find our MOC's except as NFT's on blockchains: it was a definitive break with the platforms we used to post on in the past, but a necessary one to make this transformation possible.

What kind of art can we expect from CryptoBricks?

We will start our first collection using inspiration from several main characters and personalities that live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as some other well-know movie types. Additionaly we will offer several pretty unique crypto-inspired NFT's, such as our DOGE NFT. Early buyers can already scoop up some NFT's before the whole first collection is created and verified.

Our first collection will contain the following 20 one-off pieces:

  • Ant Man
  • Bane
  • Batman
  • Joker
  • Breaking Bad Walter
  • Captain America
  • Deadpool
  • Dredd
  • ET
  • I Am Groot
  • Iron Man
  • Optimus Prime
  • Robocop
  • Spiderman
  • Terminator
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Thor
  • V for Vendetta
  • Venom
  • Wolverine

Non-collection but unique pieces are the "Why moody, Crow?"-NFT, a wink to the Moody Crow Opensea community and collectors, and the picture we also use as our Discord User Profile Picture. Might be fun to own if you're a Moody Crow collector. The DOGE NFT is a wink to the DOGE hype and DOGE community.


Important links:

SOLSEA: Artist Profile


Important: We are not yet verified, but as mentioned we already listed some NFT's as this is new for us as well. Early people have the opportunity to get in quickly before the hype, which we hope we will create going forward. Crypto projects that want to work with us are welcome to have a chat in the SOLSEA Discord Server where I'm known as: Daddyblockchain#7938. I hope you're also exited and will join us during our journey.

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