#5 Soft Rock in Spanish - Los Tipitos

#5 Soft Rock in Spanish - Los Tipitos

By Ignacio_ | Music in Spanish | 21 Oct 2020

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

This time I want you to meet a band called Los Tipitos, originally from the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. They began in the mid-90s, they have influences from Argentine musicians (of which I will speak later) Charly Garcia and León Gieco, at the end I leave you a bonus track, a video by Charly Garcia and another by Leon Gieco, watch at them !! They have no waste.

I leave the Spotify link to listen to songs of this type --->Contemporary Soft Rock and a website where you can find more Playlist of diferent genres https://www.songsinspanish.com


Mujer amante - Lover woman

This song is actually a cover by a heavy band called Rata Blanca


Grintando en la Radio - Screaming on the radio


Mil intentos - A thousand tries


Fanky - Charly Garcia


Los salieris de Charly - León Gieco


His name is Icaro, it's my cuttie pet. I really love music and I like to share my favourites bands. Of course also nterested in cryptocurrencies.

Music in Spanish
Music in Spanish

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