#4 Blues Rock in Spanish - Blacanblus

#4 Blues Rock in Spanish - Blacanblus

By Ignacio_ | Music in Spanish | 31 Oct 2020

Hi everyone! How´s going today?

This time I want to know a Blues Rock band called Blacanblus. It´s a band made up of 4 women in the early 90s, very very talented women. They released 4 albums in total, 3 studio albums. It´s a band that despite not being as well known as La Mississippi, Memphis or Pappo, they are highly recommended to listen to. You won't be disappointed to hear the voices of those women and the professionally played instruments! They are geniuses, almost all the songs they make have an addictive rhythm.

I leave you some videos as always! my other posts and my website where you can find playlists of different genres --->Playlists

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Music in Spanish
Music in Spanish

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