#2 Blues Rock in Spanish - Menphis la Blusera

#2 Blues Rock in Spanish - Menphis la Blusera

By Ignacio_ | Music in Spanish | 25 Oct 2020

Hi everyone! how´s going?

In this opportunity I want to know my favorite band of Blues in Spanish, they are Menphis La Blusera. It´s a band formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their leader and singer Adrián Otero (sadly dead) have a powerful voice, ideal for Blues.

All the musicians in the band are extraordinary. You will hear a powerful voice, divine guitar and piano, harmonious sax solos. It is a band that I highly recommend! If you like blues you can't stop listening to their melodies, they also do some Rock, Jazz and boggie.

In this opportunity I will leave you 5 videos (You hace to hear!!!! "La última lagrima") of them and of course the links of playlists and my previous posts.

Previous Posts

I also leave you a website with a Play list of different genres that I create, please have mercy (I'm clearly not a web designer) haha.



Nunca tuve tanto blues - I never had so much blues


Blues de Rosario - Rosario Blues (Rosario is a City)



Blues de las 6 y 30 - 06:30 blues

For those who don't like getting up early =)


Boggie de la valija - suitcase boogie (bye)


Se necesita - It´s needed - Rock



Grettings, see you later! =)


His name is Icaro, it's my cuttie pet. I really love music and I like to share my favourites bands. Of course also nterested in cryptocurrencies.

Music in Spanish
Music in Spanish

Hello people! I love music, in this blog you will find recommendations and Playlists of different genres of music in Spanish: Rock, Blues, Reggae, Romantic, and more. I'm talking about music, you won't find reggeton here haha, I mean it!!!

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