#1 Blues Rock in Spanish - La Mississippi Blues Band
La Mississippi

#1 Blues Rock in Spanish - La Mississippi Blues Band

By Ignacio_ | Music in Spanish | 23 Oct 2020

Hi guys! how´s going?

This time I want to you meet a band called "La Mississippi Blues Band" better known as "La Mississippi". They are a band of Blues & Rock formed in early 90´s from Florencio Varela, Argentina. Its members are Ricardo Fabián Tapia (voice, harmonica and guitar), Claudio Cannavo (bass), Gastón Picazo (piano), Gustavo Ginoi (electric guitar), Juan Carlos Tordó (drums). In my opinion they are excellent musicians, if they spoke in English they would surely have been known worldwide.

As always I leave you a Spotify Playlist ---> Blues/Rock 

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His name is Icaro, it's my cuttie pet. I really love music and I like to share my favourites bands. Of course also nterested in cryptocurrencies.

Music in Spanish
Music in Spanish

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