Crypto Weekly – Chainlink (Week #1 2022)

Crypto Weekly – Chainlink (Week #1 2022)

By Muscle Crypto | Muscle Crypto | 10 Jan 2022

So Crypto Weekly is a new series of articles I want to introduce this year. Meant to post this yesterday. I have taken inspiration from quantdoge’s Daily Crypto Risk Report Blog, as well as Crypto Wizard Raistilin’s Dynamic Weekly blog.

Investment Disclaimer:

Do not use any of this as investment advice, I am not a registered financial advisor aka don’t take any financial advice from me.

My opinion on Chainlink

I believe Chainlink is an amazing crypto project and will revolutionise the Crypto Industry as a decentralised oracle. I do own $LINK and see it is a Long-Term investment. I have owned the coin since $4 and believe it could go higher than what it is at the moment.

Value Statistics


USD/LINK: $26.51 (Price fluctuates by the second so this all accurate to a degree)

BTC/LINK: 0.0006500 BTC

ETH/LINK 0.00870491 ETH

**Using Coingecko.

Market Cap

$12,381,492,188 – Currently ranks #16 in Market Cap

24 Hour Trading Volume


Circulating Supply

The total supply is 1 billion coins but there are only 467,009,550 in circulation

All Time Statistics

All Time High

$52.70 – May 10th 2021 (down -49.3%)

All Time Low

$0.148183 – November 29th 2017 (up 17921.9%)


Chainlink Staking Announced – January 1st 2022

Chainlink Spikes 33% this week – January 8th 2022

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