Take a look at QvaPay: Your digital account in dollars.

By ctvaldess | mundodecriptos | 21 Apr 2021

QvaPay Overview


With QvaPay you can create your online account in digital dollars and start trading worldwide.

The QvaPay API will allow you to interact with 99% of the internal functionalities of the cryptocurrency payment platform.

You will be able to develop your own applications and connect with our API's to generate payment processes, invoices for your services or products, subscriptions or donations.


QvaPay is a payment platform developed in Cuba by Cubans, which seeks the possibility of developing creativity, talent and globalization of human resources in Cuba.

It is the first platform that makes it possible to create a digital wallet and receive international payments from anywhere to your preferred payment methods.

With QvaPay you can say that you have a digital account in dollars thanks to the Bitcoin BlockChain.

QvaPay users will be able to access numerous services:

Fund your account from multiple payment mechanisms.
Withdraw your QvaPay funds to multiple payment mechanisms
Exchange their QvaPay balance for multiple cryptocurrencies for sale depending on the market.

Why integrate QvaPay into your business?

QvaPay will allow you for the first time in Cuba, receive international payments, create your own business for products or services wherever you are and start charging for them internationally.

You can start using QvaPay for any of the following:

Immediate payments between your members: QvaPay is a digital wallet that allows you to manage your finances quickly, securely and with tax-free reach for payments between members of your own network: By knowing a user's ID, you can send funds to them right away.
Payment of Products or Services: QvaPay integrates multiple services, products and partner stores to make you sell or buy efficiently with 0% tax between customer/seller.

QvaPay Taxes and Fees


The use of QvaPay services is not exempt from taxes and usage fees in certain aspects.

Below we show you the types of monetary transactions we consider on the platform and the fees associated with each of them.


A transfer is understood as the movement of an asset between a user and another user, or between a user and the purchase of a product or service from an associated store.

This operation, in case it is made with the QvaPay Balance, will not have any type of discount or commission.

Transfer tax: 0%.


Commissions are understood to be bonuses from business accounts or third party applications that interact with QvaPay services.

These accounts agree on a commission percentage between the associated company and QvaPay, in order to find the best mutual benefit.

Generally in the current business portfolio, the percentages fluctuate between 1% and 3%.

Transfer tax: 1% ~ 3%.


Deposits or account funding are understood as the operations carried out by the members of the QvaPay P2P network to redistribute their earnings and/or income obtained through the different ways of crediting their account.
This operation is not taxed, as it is an attempt to credit your account, no fee is charged for this concept. Deposit tax: 0%.


Withdrawals from your QvaPay Balance to withdrawal methods vary depending on the desired destination.

In the case of Cuban banking transactions, or cryptocurrency withdrawals, we value the type of user, transaction history, volume and destination.

Withdrawal tax: 0% ~ 3%.

Sign up : https://qvapay.com/register/ctvaldess

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