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By muinaharuan | muinaharuan | 26 Aug 2023

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In recent years there have been so many crypto coins or tokens that have launched their coins, while the use cases are very many, ranging from useful use cases for web3 development, nft, gaming, metaverse, even medical research. Talking about coins that support medical research use, Etica Protocol supports research for medical development. A purely neutral protocol for rewarding medical research would allow greater efficiency and the sharing of early stage medical discoveries without intellectual property. Open source research can make medical research more efficient and faster but its benefits are lost if intellectual property is still required to incentivize research. To propose a solution to the intellectual property dilemma by creating a neutral protocol that encourages multiple parts to take part in a decentralised medical research process without any intellectual property. The protocol is based on a privacy voting system in which token holders can submit proposals.





The proposals are scientific articles oriented towards a specific disease. The protocol institutes a nash equilibrium for each disease to incentivize the publication of researches that could lead to medical treatments. Proposers and voters are rewarded or penalised depending on the outcome of the proposals’ votes. For each proposal the approval choice is considered as the right choice if it gathered more votes than the protocol’s threshold. This threshold is readjusted by the protocol every 5 weeks depending on the ratio of approved and rejected proposals. If the voters tend to approve too many proposals then the protocol’s threshold is raised, if on the contrary the voters tend to reject too many proposals then it is decreased. Users have to vote upon proposals based on their inherent properties, they can’t see other users’ votes thanks to a two step voting system with privacy. The protocol impels off-chain communications between token holders about proposals usefullness. Organisations based on a specific disease or group of diseases are likely to emerge in order to provid token holders with relevant information and analysis of proposals through forums and dedicated website explorers. Etica aims to become the neutral protocol on top of which the next generation decentralised communities will organise themselves and gain expertise to discover medical treatments without intellectual property.

Etica is a blockchain and platform for funding medical research. It also produces rewards for those who evaluate proposals and vote on them or otherwise participate in Etica. These can fundamentally change how scientific research is incentivized, opening a new world of patent-free, open medical research.

The mining of ETI will then stop (in 10 years) and the 2.61% of inflation will be used to reward researchers and voters.

Grant proposals are grouped by disease on, and then users (holders of ETI) can vote and get rewarded for correctly participating. In the long term, will be only one of potentially thousands of websites connected to the Etica blockchain. Potentially, instead of having science locked in journals with paywalls, We could have websites directly connected to the Etica blockchain, without restriction and free of any patent. To that extent, the Etica blockchain can be called a permissionless decentralized science journal.


What is the main Problem their headed to (TLDR):

  • Big money problem: Etica provides a new additional decentralized funding system for medical researchers to use. They are not naive, most people will act in their own interest. Good and evil people will come to Etica but what is different is that Etica is not under the control of the incumbent of the system that chooses the pace and direction of research according to their vested interest.
  • Poorly designed studies: It will be important for the community to select quality and not flashy research. In fact, the token holders have a collective interest that Etica maintains its value. If the network globally accepts useless proposals then the network is going to become worthless. A key part of the Etica system is that the token holders have a responsibility to get the best proposals rewarded so that people keep increasing the amount of work they do for each proposal and create a healthy open source ecosystem.
  • Replicability problem: Etica's main aim is not to solve this problem, but open science contributes to more replicable science.
  • Peer review: Peer review is incentivized on the Etica platform and can be a way to earn more ETI, this means researchers can be paid to peer review. Voters that make the curation work are rewarded with 38.2% of the ETI research rewards. Token holders will not necessarily be scientific experts on everything, but we can imagine different ways people can get informed on proposals and share information. They can use earned ETI to finance expertise and do quality peer reviews.
  • Paywalls: All Etica proposals are public and free to read, as well as easy to access.
  • Intellectual property: Etica removes intellectual property which is costly to medical research and human rights.

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Etica Protocol presents a solution to longstanding challenges in the field of medical research. They are invite you to explore our use case blockchain, engage with our community, and contribute to the evolution of medical science. Together, so foster a more transparent, inclusive, and impactful research ecosystem.

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