Zombieland Rulebook #3 : Survival Guide for the zombie Apocalypse
Zombieland Rulebook #3 : Survival Guide for the zombie Apocalypse


What will you do when the undead start walking the earth?

Many people are getting infected but you,still are human.And to ensure you stay that way , here are a few things to keep in mind.

Rule #27


Always be on your toes.You never really know what might be headed your way.


Rule #8

Get yourself a kick-ass partner.

This is one of the most important rules.If you have an amazing partner who's great at killing zombies,then your chances of making it out alive increase exponentially.


Rule #14.

Always carry a change of underwear.

This might sound absurd , but you really should consider keeping a few extras in case of "emergencies".

Rule #26

A little sunscreen never hurt anybody.

Even though this isn't a necessary rule , you could always consider keeping sunscreen with your other " essentials " to keep you protected while battling zombies in the open sun.

Rule #23

The Ziploc bag.

Don't get bitten by a zombie while trying to open a nasty ziploc bag. Be aware of your surroundings.

Rule #5

No attachments.

Don't get too attached or close to your survival buddies.You may have to pull the trigger on them if they turn into zombies.


Rule #12

Bounty paper towels.

Always carry paper towels.You may need it when things get "messy".

Rule #19

Break it up.

If you ever get stressed out while making it out alive , try to get rid of your anger by breaking things up.

Reminder : Only break things which are not necessary.

Rule #9

With your bare hands.

Do you really wanna touch zombies with your bare hands?Always have something at hand.You might get infected when you touch those things.

Rule #24

Use your thumbs.

God gave us thumbs for a reason, use them.


Rule #6

Cast iron Skillet.

This household item is perfect for the zombies.Light and portable.

Rule #4

Wear your seatbelts.

I mean seriously , do you want to hit your head against the windshield every now and then , because things will get " bumpy ".

Rule #30

Pack your stain stick.

There will be a lot of blood when facing zombies.So , it is a good idea to take a stain stick along with you.

I hope these simple but "effective" rules will help you in tough situations like the zombie Apocalypse. Even though its highly unlikely that such a thing should ever happen , better safe than sorry.

If you do find yourself in the middle of a zombie uprising , barricade your homes,stock up on supplies , store fuel in your vehicles and make your home or safehouse a fortress.

While most of you may argue that staying at the same place may not be a good idea as zombies can overrun and penetrate your stronghold , as what we have learned from many Zombie movies , there is another alternative.

Movement is life.

If you think that if you keep moving you have a better chance of surviving , then you're not wrong.Keep "only" the essentials with you , the means of defending yourself and stay safe.

The above situations are applicable not only to the  "undead" situation but also in real life.

I hope these 3 articles that i wrote will somehow help you to survive in such situations in the future.

Let me know your thoughts.




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