stepn damorf day2



Welcome to all of you crypto walkers and runners!

Today second day of the blog, running 20min and 45 sec, at about 5.45min / km, doing 2987 steps, covering 3.10km, I used 4 energies.
I received 33.28GST and a level 2 box as a reward.
To unlock the box I will have to wait 72h and pay 7GST.30-10-2022 STEPN1

I used a level 19 common runner sneakers, with

  • efficiency 75.9
  • luck 10.9
  • comfort 12.4
  • resilience 14.8,
  • two level 1 comfort gems
  • one level 1 efficiency gem

.sneakers lvl19

Every day I will update you on the daily run, as the only inaccuracy is the accuracy of the gps, since with garmin there is a difference of 15% on the distance detected in the negative. write in the comments and I will answer you very happily.


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Move To Earn #01 STEP'N 2022
Move To Earn #01 STEP'N 2022

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