1000+ Android apps are stealing user data!

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How is it possible ? When a new app is installed onyour phone, the app can access your data or system resources only after the permissions access the app, is not it? - Actually we all know this way so much, but this is not true. According to a new report, 1000+ Android has eliminated the method of bypass limitation. As a result, those apps will be able to collect your user data even if you do not give permission after installing this app.


Download this report here andyou can read! - Out of 88,000 apps tested in this report, 1,325 apps have been able to collect phone identifiers data from your phone, even after the phone did not provide the permissions. And there are many popular apps and features in this list.

Baidu was collecting user data through their map service.Samsung Health and Samsung browser app backend. With Shutterfly a photo service app similarly collects user data!

So how can these applications be prevented from collecting data? However, the Android system is not the only unemployed system, for this permissions system the apps themselves can not collect too much data. Researchers provided an alert to Google in this regard, and Google's return answer is that they will fix this problem in the next Android version, ie Android Q.

Android Q will be released at the end of this year, but the question is there are millions of disks that will not receive updates of this Android Q. And the system error in these disables, the apps will steal data without taking user permissions. It is not certain whether Google will provide a fix to the rest of the devices. But of course it should be provided!


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Mother's Love
Mother's Love

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