Rent us your desktop and earn up to $50/month.

By gors3333 | MoreAIRDROP | 19 Aug 2019

Earn up to $50/month

Turn your idle desktop computers into useful cloud servers, earning you money in the process.

No Performance Impact

FluidStack runs only when the computer is idle, ensuring that the user has the best experience possible.

Help provide cloud services

Your desktop joins our distributed cloud platform, helping to serve content and perform computation.

FluidStack is a platform which provides cloud services and delivers content for websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centres). We can significantly speed up and reduce the cost of delivering website content, and performing enterprise computation.

Our software detects when your device is idle, and then uses a small amount of your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content, and process video files.

All you need is a desktop computer, a good internet speed, and you're good to go!

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