Our long-awaited project is ready for pre-launch!

By gors3333 | MoreAIRDROP | 21 Oct 2019

Our long-awaited project is ready for pre-launch!
The start of the project will take place on November 4, 2019.
From now on, all partners have the opportunity to register.

Many of you will have a question:
Why didn’t we give the opportunity for your partners to register on your link?

We have a simple answer for you, dear partners!
If we pay up to 160% in 30 days, then we decided this bonus will be enough!
We are ready for long-term cooperation!

Today, such projects last 10-15 months, but the profit-industry project will work much longer. Since we will sell a certain type of advertising is very expensive, and now there is a great demand for this type of advertising.

What are you getting:
-up to 160% in 30 days
-daily accrual
-passive income
-without personal invitations
-partner bonus: 5% -2% -2% -1%
-the ability to purchase an unlimited number of advertising packages
-Promotion of your business.
use gmail.com address during registration

Registration HERE

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