Invite friends and share MILLION TRX 💰

By gors3333 | MoreAIRDROP | 22 Oct 2019

  • A successful invitation means the friend you invited completes the installation of TronLink and writes down the code you shared (Go to Profile, find Invite Friends). This earns you and your friend 300 points each.
  • Any independent device can be invited once only.
  • All your point is cleared once any abnormality is detected.


  • You can exchange credits for mainstream tokens or candies such as TRX,ETH, BTC,or BTT in the future;
  • Fundamental to all value-added services and future application cases on the platform;
  • Exchange for goods in the credit shop.
  • Only with code you get points.
  • My Invitation Code 11Kf

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