I invite everyone to register at TLC❗

By gors3333 | MoreAIRDROP | 12 Oct 2019

🆘 Hello everyone! I invite everyone to register at TLC❗

🆘 And let's briefly remind once again how the strength of our compensation plan is different.
Watch this short video
to the end and you will understand 👍


☝Why are we writing 50/50/50 when drawing a marketing plan?

1) From all registered customers you will always receive 50%

2) From all the first orders of your partners (starting bonus), the company charges you 50%

3) From all of your first lines, there can be dozens of them, someone has hundreds, the company pays you a bonus of their earned money 50%

4) By building its binary network, the company pays from the turnover of a smaller team every week from 10% to 25%

5) At the rank of national director, the company also pays you $ 1,500 each month for pocket expenses

☝Thanks to this type of marketing plan, in a company people for a year or two go to incomes that allow them to close all their debts and live a full happy life.
ЕгодняToday, many housewives in the company, due to the strength of the IASO product and the strength of the compensation plan, earn between $ 1000-2000 $ by giving time to work when children are in kindergarten or school.

In order to receive all the bonuses for the marketing plan, it is enough to make a personal order for products from 40 to 80 points within one month.

The price of the product is the same for everyone, so no one can dump prices, which is good.

☝Friends, I highly recommend connecting to TLC faster, since there is no marketing plan on the market like TLC among long-lived product companies

-Awesome product that works and gives fast results.
- Strong marketing plan.
-And amazing time for your start.


🆘Big game will begin on November 8

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